How To See The Relationship History Of Any Two People On Facebook

How To See The Relationship History Of Any Two People On Facebook – The friendship pages on Facebook that show your interaction history with a friend also enables you to see other people’s friendships.

The information on the pages may include photos in which both people are tagged, their mutual friends and likes, and even Timeline comments exchanged between the two. You can only see things you’re normally allowed to see based on your friends’ Timeline privacy settings.

How To See The Relationship History Of Any Two People On Facebook

Facebook contains lot of hidden secrets, some of them you already may know and some of them still be mysterious. Did you know you can use a secret URL to see the entire Facebook history of any two people on the network? (For people you aren’t friends with, it’ll only show their publicly-available interactions.) here I shown how to achieve this.

The trick URL takes advantage of In case you’re not aware, that URL shows the entire Facebook history between you and the person you’re “in a relationship with.”

How To See The Relationship History Of Any Two People On Facebook?

  • Login your Facebook first.
  • Navigate to the profile of the first people you want to see and make a note of their username. You can find it in the URL.
  • Search for the second person to who’s you want to see the status of and note the username from the URL.
  • In your browser’s address bar, type 1/username 2/, replacing the usernames as appropriate. Remove the brackets.
  • Press Enter.

You should now be looking a page which shows any posts, events, photos, and videos the two people are tagged in. Clearly, the tool is a bit creepy. However, used correctly, it might help you use Facebook to land a date!

How to View Someone Else’s Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites, with more than 2.7 billion active users as of 2020 according to Facebook’s official statistics. If you are an Internet user who has not joined Facebook yet, you might have searched the Web for the name of one of your friends and happened upon her Facebook profile. However, you were not able to view it. Before you can view someone else’s Facebook page, you must become a Facebook member. After joining Facebook and inviting someone to add you as a friend, you may view her profile.

Step 1

Navigate to the Facebook home page. The page includes boxes for information required to create a Facebook profile. Fill in the requested information, such as your name, email address and desired password. Click the “Sign Up” button, and follow the steps displayed on the page to create a Facebook profile for yourself.

Step 2

Return to the Facebook home page after creating your profile. Type your email address and password using the boxes in the upper right corner of the screen, and click “Login” to view your Facebook account page.

Step 3

Click in the box labeled “Search” at the top of the page, and type the full name of the friend whose Facebook profile you would like to view. Press “Enter.” The “All Results” screen displays a list of all Facebook members with names matching the one you have typed.

Step 4

Click the “Add as Friend” button next to the name of the person whose Facebook profile you would like to view. A pop-up window appears to ask you to confirm that you want to send the person a friend request.

Step 5

Click “Add a Personal Message,” and type a brief message if you would like to remind the person of who you are and how you know each other. Click “Send Request,” and then click the “Close” button.

View your friend’s profile by clicking her picture under the “Friends” category on the left side of the screen after navigating to your Facebook account page.

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