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Facebook is an online site where different people interact and get to know each other better. There are lots of things that attach to Facebook that users should be aware of. Facebook is an American online site for social interaction. Many people from all over the world interact and become friends on Facebook. Some people even reconnect with their friends on Facebook. Business manager Facebook is a tool for managing business on Facebook.

Business Manager Facebook

There are lots of reasons many people decide to have a Facebook account, some use Facebook for chatting and socializing purposes and some use Facebook for publicity and advertising purposes. Most users on Facebook use Facebook for business purposes. Facebook has lots of users from all over the world and it’s very reasonable to use Facebook for the advertisements for your business.It is a tool used by Facebook to help people manage their Facebook pages and advertising accounts

This is developed by Facebook for companies and users to secure their company pages, catalogs, and pixels without sharing login information. It helps to manage the account of everyone who uses Facebook for business purposes. It enables users to track their efforts in a detailed way and to allow them to know how their ads are performing.

How to Setup a Business Manager Facebook

In order to create a business manager Facebook account, there are steps and procedures you have to be aware of. These procedures will enable you to use Facebook for business purposes by bringing to your awareness of its procedures to duly follow. Below are the procedures to create;

  1. Create a business manager Facebook account
  2. To create one, log in to business. Facebook .com and click on the create account button at the top left of the screen
  3. Enter your business name in the box then click continue
  4. Then you enter your name and your business email address that you want to use to manage your business Facebook manager account and then click finish.
  • Then you add Facebook business pages after following the above procedures
  • Add your Facebook ad account
  • Add people who can enhance the management of your Facebook asset’s
  •  Then you connect your account to  business partners and agency

After following these procedures, you would have set up a business manager Facebook that will see to the managing of your Facebook account.

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