Zoom Vs GoToMeeting: Let’s Check Out Which Suits You Best

Zoom Vs GoToMeeting – It’s could be a bit difficult having to choose between two really cool video conference software especially when they are “Zoom” and “GoToMeeting”. Both online video conferencing software has got amazing features. So, what we’ll do is to analyze both apps, talk more about them then you’ll be able to make your choice once the breakdown has been completed. Read on

Zoom and GoToMeeting’s Difference in Price

GoToMeeting has got various prices depending on the type of product you’re looking for. Though, it’s got similar features to Zoom, webinars and rooms. The prices differ according to your plans. While Zoom offers several features on the same plan.  For the fact that Zoom has the various online conferencing platform, they after five different pricing categories which are made available for you to choose from. They include Zoom meetings, zoom phone, Zoom Video Webinar, Zoom Rooms and Zoom United.

Zoom Vs GoToMeeting

It’s up to you to choose to either pay annually or monthly bit the thing is paying annually saves more for you than paying monthly. Most people use Zoom online meetings which allow them to host up to 300 participants, record meetings, add company branding and more. Zooms price range from free to $300 a year / $19.99 per host per month. Zoom’s highest plan includes Zoom Phone as well as Zoom Meetings. Zoom Phone has about four different price plans that range from $120 to $300 a year or $10 to $30 monthly for each user. Canada and the USA have got the lowest price plans for calls only while the highest package allows you to make calls globally.

Zoom Video Webinar this plan is well known with companies and organizations. It’s price difference depending on the number of attendees you want to have or have at a point. It could be gotten for 100 up to 10,000 attendees but if it’s more than that’s you’ll need to negotiate the price with the sales team.

Zoom Rooms has got two different pricing plans and a tempting offer of 30 days free trial. Both plans start at $499 a year, while the highest version allows more than 49 rooms. To get access to the highest plan, call the sales team to negotiate.

Zoom United has three various pricing plans that ranges from $250 to $360 a year or $25 to $30 per month. It’s got other Zoom categories and it includes Zoom meetings, zoom phone and Zoom chat.

On GoToMeeting Pricing, there are just 3 different plans. They are: Professional, Business and Enterprise.

  • The professional plan: it cost $12 a month and allows 150 participants.
  • The Business plan: this plan charges $16 a month and allows 250 participants.
  • The Enterprise plan: for this plan you’ll have to get a quote from the sales team for an official price and it allows up to 3,000 participants.

You can pay yearly instead of monthly so you get to save 12% and 16% for Professional and Business plans. There supposed to be GoToWebinar as a feature but if there isn’t, you can purchase it.

The plan offers other services like GoToRoom, GoToWebinar and GoTo connect. The final stage is a combo plan that joins Video, Phone and Chat Software.

Zoom Vs GoToMeeting Features

Both Zoom and GoToMeeting have got similar features like Call Recording, HD streaming, Screen Sharing and scheduled meetings. The only difference is their different settings and configurations that make conference calls unique depending on what your want.

Zoom Vs GoToMeeting (Call Recording)

You could record a call both locally and on a cloud. Local calls are saved on your computer while calls on a cloud storage system are uploaded to a remote server which allows you to access them at any time.

The Zoom and GoToMeeting allow free and unlimited local recording on all plans though, using a smartphone stood you from taking advantage of the feature. Zoom provides cloud storage if you get their Pro plan (it’s got up to 1GB fit recording). GoToMeeting makes provision unlimitedly for cloud storage with different plans. It’s possible to Search and also share recorded meetings.

HD Conference

With a good internet service, both platforms offer 1080p online video options for clear communication with both the attendees and hosts.

The GoToMeeting is different from the Zoom because it’s video conferencing has got settings like video brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness and gamma. You can adjust them to exactly how you want it to be (what suits you).

Screen Sharing

They offer similar set of capability fir screen sharing (Zoom and GoToMeeting).

Scheduled Meetings

Both platforms don’t mind you scheduling meetings which make that feature similar amongst them. However, Zoom has got more integration option and your free to configure meeting option by requiring a password before joining the meeting.

Which Is More Preferably Between Both Platforms?            

Well, for companies that have got a larger space and are in need of a reliable online conferencing platform, Zoom would be the best.

While for small businesses that are in need of more customization options or unlimited cloud storage for recording, GoToMeeting is just the best platform.

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