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Zoom Video Conferencing – As the dreaded and deadly Coronavirus is causing a surge in work-from-home activity, Zoom, a video conferencing app has suddenly become one of the most popular platforms for virtual conference meetings. It is one of the leading video conferencing apps on the market.

Do you want more information about Zoom video conferencing? Well, for starters,

It allows you to virtually interact with co-workers and/or employers when physical meetings are not possible. This makes telecommuting a lot more human, as it helps you feel connected.

Zoom Video Conferencing – Free video Conferencing

A Few Zoom Video Conferencing Terms

  • Zoom Meeting: This refers to a Zoom video conferencing meeting that is hosted using Zoom. You can join these meetings through a webcam or phone.
  • Zoom Room: This is a physical hardware setup that allows companies schedule and launch and carry out Zoom video conferencing from their conference rooms. This usually requires an additional subscription on top of a Zoom subscription and it is an ideal solution for a lot of large companies.
  • Zoom bombing: This is a term associated with act of an uninvited individual who gains access to your Zoom meeting. They participate in the Zoom video conferencing session with the intention of disrupting the meeting. Luckily, Zoom bombing can be stopped by enabling Zoom’s privacy settings.

Zoom Main Features

Here are some features you’ll see when doing Zoom video conferencing.

  1. One-on-one meetings: You can host an unlimited one-on-one meeting even with the free plan.
  • Video conferences: You can host up to five hundred (500) participants (if you purchase the “large meeting” add-on). With the free plan, it allows you to host video conferences of up to 40 minutes with about 100 participants.
  • Screen sharing: You can share your screen during meetings so that participants can see what you see. 

Security Tips and Tricks for Zoom Video Conferencing

  1. Create a password for your Zoom meeting.

Whenever you schedule meeting, under the Password section, tick the checkbox next to Require meeting password. You will be allowed to enter a strong password that you can share with participants.

  • Enable Waiting Room.

This feature allows you the host to determine when participants can enter the meeting. The host can admit attendees one after the other or all at once. To use this, whenever you schedule a meeting, click on “Advanced Options”, click the box next to Enable Waiting Room.

  • Limit who can share their screen.

Once your meeting is started, check the up arrow next to Share Screen, click on “Advanced sharing options”. Under Who can share? select “Only Host” to make sure that only you as the meeting host can share your screen.

  • Lock the meeting.

Once your meeting is started, click on “Manage Participants” in the Zoom toolbar. You should see your meeting participants listed on the right-hand side of the screen. at the bottom right-hand corner, click on “More button” and select “Lock Meeting”. This will prevent a new participant from joining, even though he or she has got the meeting password.

Things Zoom Video Conferencing Allows You to Do

Zoom video conferencing allows you to:

  • Customize your preferences
  • Record important Zoom meetings
  • Sync Zoom with Slack
  • Mute yourself when you’re not talking
  • Couple Zoom with the appropriate video conferencing camera
  • Have a virtual background
  • Mute new participants upon entry

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