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Sending Money to Nigeria Cheap Way – Sending money to some countries may attract a lot of protocols. Do you want to send money to a friend or family in Nigeria? Although international money transfer is still a long process and with many paper to sign and all of that. However, nowadays using a Web app has made sending money to country like Nigeria very easy. Keep reading on to find out in details.

Sending Money to Nigeria Cheap Way - Best way To  Send Money to Nigeria

Cheapest way to Sending money to  Nigeria


This app is Known for its upfront fees and real exchange rate, TransferWise lets you send money directly to local bank accounts in India from 59 countries. Uses the real, mid-market exchange rate for every transaction, low-cost fee. No maximum or minimums for a transfer


Skrill is another cheap platform to sending money to Nigeria. This app is commonly use by many Nigerian. Skill as known as Moneybrookers formerly. Before users in Nigeria needed to use VPN and other tweaks to enable them use skill. But recently Nigeria was enlisted among its location or supported countries.

Skrill is a wide-ranging platform that allow users to transfer money directly to a bank account from their Skrill digital wallet. There are no fees to receive money into your bank account or to sign up.

However, with skrill sending money to anyone online in Nigeria is easy and cheap. This is done with just email address and the recipient can withdraw from its Skrill account in Naria to their Nigerian Bank account.

MoneyGram – Sending Money to Nigeria Cheap Way

Money Gram can allow you send money to your family and friends in Nigeria. Money Gram is one of the oldest form of sending money to Nigeria before the emergent of all the new generation money app. It is in over 200 countries with more than 350,000 agent locations including international post offices, banks and retailers.


WorldRemit is a one of the good online low cost money sending app. You can download it from Apple’s AppStore and Google Play. It is compatible with your computer, smartphone or tablet

With WorldRemit you can transfer money directly to an Nigeria bank including, Access bank, Ecobank, First bank, Zenith bank, FCMB, GTB, Heritage Bank UBA, Union Bank, and others. The sender is charged a transfer fee that you see upfront, as well as a WorldRemit set exchange rate.


Transfast is  an online and mobile money transfer service. This app is about 120 countries in America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. You can send money directly to different banks in Nigeria including Wema bank, Ecobank, First bank, Zenith bank. Or recipient can collect the money in their locations in Nigeria.

However, Trans fast offers two exchange rate and speed options for sending money- Value+ and FastTrack. You can deposit money into a bank account or for cash pickup. The sending limit with Transfast is $2,950 per transaction, and $10,000 USD within 30 days

Ria Money Transfers – Sending Money to Nigeria Cheap Way

 Ria money transfer platform has been in the money transfer    business since the late 1980s and they own over 314, 000locations in 144 countries. To send money to Nigeria you can use Ria money platform to sending it.

Sending money to Nigeria with Ria you can transfer money online for cash pickup at a Ria agent location or financial institutions in Nigeria. You can sign up for Ria Money Transfer  for free and your recipient doesn’t need to have an account to either receive the money in their account or pick up the cash.


Payoneer is a useful online money transfer services that is widely sending money to Nigeria and other African countries. The African countries includes, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana. They can use payonner to withdraw money from their PayPal account, because these countries mentioned are not PayPal location supported.

With Payoneer you can link your PayPal account and you will send and receive money from Payoneer account. You can use your Payoneer card to make withdrawal at the ATM machine where MastrCard is acceptable. Send money to Nigeria with PayPal using Payoneer platform.

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