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Western Union Online – Looking for a reliable money transfer service? The Western Union online service is the right plug for you. Western Union offers fast, reliable, and convenient money transfers around the world – it is an easy way to send and receive money around the globe.

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Western Union was established in 1851, it is one of the largest top leading international money transfer services in the world today. The basic functionality of the western union platform is to provide digital money transfers to financial institutions, individuals, and NGOs.

Western Union Online

Western Union offers a worldwide money transfer service to customers. There are just four ways you can send money with Western Union and they include;

  • In person at agent locations.
  • By phone.
  • Online transfer via www.westernunion.com.
  • Western Union transfer mobile app.

However, all the money transfer options are not available in every country, you can check what options are available in the country you want to send money to.

Benefits of Western Union Transfer

The Western Union money transfer platform comes with a lot of amazing benefits, and they are;

  • Faster processing of money transfer.
  • Helps saves time.
  • Online tracking of transactions.
  • Real time delivery of codes for cash over the counter.
  • 24/7 availability of service.
  • Make local and international payments.
  • Instant cash transfer service.
  • SMS notification to beneficiary.
  • SMS notification on payout.

Transfer Money Using Western Union Online Service

Here’s how to transfer money using Western Union online transfer;

  • Login to your Western Union online account.
  • Enter beneficiary country.
  • Enter amount and select delivery method.
  • Enter your receiver’s details.
  • Pay it either a debit or credit card.
  • Click submit.

You’ll get a confirmation email that shows you your payment verification, track number, and money transfer control number. You can actually track a Western Union online transfer to know its destination.

Is There A Transfer Limit for Western Union Transfers?

Western Union money transfer limit depends on your transaction’s history, the destination country, your location, and the means of transferring the money. Western Union exchange rates also differ based on the currencies you are transferring the money to.

In Conclusion

Western Union transfer service is currently embarking on a massive digital expansion with the aim of expanding the number of countries that enable digital money transfer services – such as sending money from or to a bank account, to a mobile wallet, or via the Western Union app.

The only set back of the western union transfer service is that sending money to some countries or at an agent location is quite too expensive.

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