Western Union Money | Send and Receive Money through Western Union

Western Union Money – Choosing the best money transfer service provider for your international money transfer can be tricky you know. With so many money transfer options on the internet today, I’ll recommend you choose the western union transfer service, it’s fees are affordable and you can easily set up a transfer either online or in-person by visiting a store agent.

Western Union Money

Western Union is an American financial service worldwide, the company has several divisions with products such as a peer to peer money transfer, money orders, business payments, and commercial services. All Western Union money transfer options are not available in every country, you can check what options are available in your country and the country you want to send the money to.

There are different ways you can transfer money to and from abroad with a Western Union money transfer service, and they include; in person at an agent store, via mobile transfer, and via online transfer.

Transfer money through Western Union in store agent

The Western Union money transfer is one of the world’s oldest and largest funds transfer providers in the world of money transfer. Here’s how to transfer cash through Western Union money via in-store agents;

  • Visit any of Western Union in-store agent.
  • Enter your money transfer details on the tablet.
  • Present your mobile phone number and photo ID.
  • Present your credible debit card.
  • Collect your payment receipt with the money transfer control number.

The money transfer control number allows you and your recipient to keep track of the transfer status. So make sure you share the money transfer control number with your recipient to enable the recipient to claim the money when it arrives.

Transfer money through Western Union money online service

  • Visit https://www.westernuniom.com.
  • Login to your Western Union online account.
  • Enter your recipient’s country.
  • type in the amount and select the delivery method.
  • Enter your recipients’ details.
  • Input your payment details.
  • Click submit.

You will get a confirmation email that consists of your payment verification, track number, and money transfer control number.

Transfer fees and exchange rates

Western Union charges transfer fees depending on the country you are sending the money to, the amount you want to send, and the transfer payment option. Apart from the exchange rate and transfer rate, Western Union doesn’t charge additional fees.

Note; cash pickup transfers are more expensive than direct to bank transfers.

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