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How to Create Facebook New Year Avatar Sticker 2021 – This is a new season in everyone lives, Facebook sticker can be used to celebrate the season, in the wind of the season we anticipate a better 2021, we are going to have a blessed new year and many more things will be achieved in this new season of our life.

Dream big and be hopeful that the year ahead will be better and more glorious, so get prepared and do everything possible to usher you into this new season with great joy in your heart. in this article will teach on how to Create Facebook New Year Avatar Sticker 2021

How to Create Facebook New Year Avatar Sticker 2021

Facebook New Year Avatar Stickers

Facebook New year Avatars are created using the section of Facebook provided for it called “Facebook Avatar Maker” also referred to as “Facebook Avatar Creator”. This section contains detailing tools you can use in making your avatar look perfectly like you. The question on your mind at the moment may be, how do I create my very own Facebook Avatar. Don’t worry, I will guide you through.

Features of Facebook New Year Avatar 2021

You are allowed to make use of the tool characteristics in the Facebook avatar maker to create beautiful avatars. Facebook has provided all you need to make a perfect avatar but now, the ball is in your court since you are the one to create your own avatar just the way you like. You get to pick from the items in the section and some of them include; hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, lipsticks, eye goggles, hats, scarfs, and many more. Note, you can create your avatar to look just like you and the avatar maker comes with the new Facebook mobile app version.

How to Create Your Very Own New Year Facebook Avatar

You won’t find setting up your Facebook avatar difficult if you follow these steps:

  • Sign in your Facebook account using your Facebook app
  • Navigate to the avatar app in your menu section
  • Click the Next button and then click “Get Started”
  • In the beginning, you need to select the skin color from the 27 options given
  • Next, select a skin tone
  • After selecting the skin tone, you can select the hairstyle which can be long, short, or medium.
  • Select your preferred avatar and click the color you prefer
  • Next, select the face shape, complexion, and face lines for your avatar
  • Click the eye icon to choose the eye color and lash length
  • Select the eyebrow color and shape. You can add goggles if you want
  • Choose the lips, lip color, nose shape, and facial hair
  • Choose a body shape and preferred clothing or outfit.
  • When you are done with creating your own avatar, at the top right click the checkmark icon
  • Click “Next”
  • Click “Done”

After following the whole process, you can easily access your avatar on your Facebook smiley. You can still use it as stickers and emoji.

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