What is So Unique about Messenger Rooms – Everything You Need to Know

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What is So Unique about Messenger Rooms – Facebook’s new video-conferencing service was rolled out first in the U.S., Mexico and Canada, with the rest of the world set to get the new feature as soon as possible.

what is so unique about messenger rooms

Zoom and Houseparty Having a Run for Their Money

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing a lot of social interaction to be online, Facebook is presenting Messenger Rooms—which lets users have a video chat with up to 50 people for free and with no time limit— this will challenge the dominance of Houseparty and Zoom and for video calls.

Who are Those Eligible to Create Messenger Rooms?

What is So Unique about Messenger Rooms, Only Facebook users have the ability to create rooms, but, here is the amazing thing, those without Facebook accounts can join existing rooms without downloading a separate app.

Here’s How to Create and Make Use Of Messenger Rooms.

  • On both desktop and mobile, users who are logged into Facebook will see a Rooms section below the status bar.
  • Click Create to start your own room or click Join to add yourself to a friend’s video call.
  • You’ll be able to set a purpose for your room or choose one of Facebook’s examples, such as “Happy Hour” or “Here All Day.”
  • Users can control whether the room is public or private in the Who is Invited section.
  • Choosing to invite all your friends means everyone can see your room at the top of their homepage and join. Clicking the Invite Specific Friends button lets users choose which friends can see the room. An active public room for a graduation party, for example, lets friends or invitees pop in and out as they please by opening Facebook and clicking Join.
  • If you click Invite Specific Friends, the bottom right corner of the window has a Skip button that lets users forgo inviting anyone at all. Instead, users are given the option to turn on link sharing, meaning that anyone with the link, including people who aren’t your friends or don’t have Facebook, can join the room. After you turn on link sharing, the Create Room button will bring you to a window where you can copy the link.
  • In Facebook Groups or Events, users can create a room that will automatically appear as a post, giving group members or invitees the option to join. 

Want to Use Messenger Rooms Via The Facebook Messenger App?

  • Open Facebook Messenger, tap on the People tab on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Create a Room.
  • To invite anyone on any device to join the room, Tap Share Link, even if they don’t have Facebook.

Some Assurance from Facebook

  • The person who creates the room controls who can join, who sees the room, and if new people can join at all during an existing call
  • Users can report if they think a room violates Facebook’s community standards. These reports won’t contain any video or audio from the call.
  • Audio and video from Rooms won’t be used to target ads to users.

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