Facebook Messenger Room Groups – How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms

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Facebook Messenger Room Groups – It was recently announced that Facebook group video chat Messenger Rooms is available within Groups and Events where both admins and members can host up to 50 people on a Messenger video call for as long as they want. Messenger Rooms in Groups and Events is available on both iOS, Android, and desktop.

Facebook Messenger Room Groups

It Is Very Easy to Join Facebook Messenger Room or Groups

Users can also add link sharing to make it easier to invite more people to their room, including people who aren’t friends, a member of the group, or who don’t have Facebook or Messenger.

Messenger Room groups can be created from the Groups composer by users and admins. The group composer shows the active Groups focused chats that anyone with an invite can join.

There can be a lot of chat rooms per individual group. Rooms that already have 50 people in them will not be able to add any additional group members, including admins,” says Facebook.

How You Can Create a Group on Facebook Messenger Room

There are couple of ways you can create rooms or groups, we are going to be touching on how you can create it via Instagram.

Please note: if you can’t see the option to set up a Room? Facebook is gradually rolling out the feature globally so you may need to wait to get access, depending on your region. Please always remember to update your Instagram app often to keep an eye out for this feature.

Set Up Facebook Messenger Rooms on Instagram

Yes! You just read it! You can set up and join a Facebook Messenger Room for Instagram!

That’s the cool thing about Messenger Rooms — just about anybody can join from Facebook’s family of apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram) or anybody with the link can join. No log is required!

Here is how you can set it up:

  • Open up Instagram on your mobile device
  • Then open your Direct Messages tab and tap on video call icon in the top right corner.

  • Then tab Create a Room and invite your Instagram contacts or copy a direct link to your Room.

To join a video call that you’ve been invited to, select Join Room and confirm when prompted that you want to open the room in the Messenger app.

Messenger Rooms on Instagram are the latest in a series of new product launches by Facebook to support businesses and everyday users through the COVID-19 pandemic

Wow! You Can Make Money Via Messenger Room

Facebook will also support Rooms for WhatsApp in the nearest future and it has plans in the works for users to charge attendees to join a group on Messenger Room virtual call or Facebook Live event.

So, if you’re a small business or creator that relies on in-person services, this new feature could really help you create a revenue stream during the pandemic.

And that’s just it — a plug and play way to connect with your Instagram followers (and everyone else).

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