Twitter Might Let You Unmention Yourself from Tweets

Twitter Might Let You Unmention Yourself from Tweets: Twitter is exploring a new way to prevent the kind of unwanted attention that often results in harassment. Twitter is working on another feature, when it launched, it would permit users to prevent individuals from mentioning them without blocking or muting them.

Twitter product designer Dominic camozzi described this feature as an early concept, the feature will enable Twitter users to “unmentioned yourself” and control who can tag them in future tweets.

Twitter Might Let You Unmention Yourself from Tweets

Quite similar to untagging yourself on Facebook, unmentioning would essentially unlink your handle from a tweet and keep you from being tagged in the future, according to mock-ups shared by camozzi. The new feature will let you block specific Twitter users from mentioning you in the future without blocking or muting their accounts.

Another element will empower you to block any new notices for a specific number of days.

“Going further, if someone you don’t follow mentions you, you will receive a special notification. If you unmention yourself from that tweet, the person who tweets, will not be able to mention you again’

Dominic camozzi(@_dcrc)

The new feature is comparable to one that enables users to limit replies to their tweets. Like that feature, the capacity to unmentioned would help Twitter intending to a portion of the toxic behavior that regularly led to large-scale harassment.

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