Capella University Tuition – How Do Capella University Tuition & Fees Stand

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Getting a good understanding of Capella University tuition charges, will help you prepare effectively for the next 4-6 years of your education requirements. Now if you want to know how much tuition will cost you at Capella University, to better guide yourself in anticipation of what you are to face let’s take a ride.

Capella University Tuition

Capella University Tuition & Fees

Full-time students at Capella University in the year 2018-2019, paid $14,250, which was prior to adjustments for financial need. With this amount, the cost of tuition came to a total of $13,788. The cost of fees stood at $462.

Understand that, Capella University does not offer a tuition discount to students who reside in the state.

The Capella University tuition and fees quoted for students is the sum for one academic year, which excludes room and board. Be it as it may, most students end up paying less than full tuition after receiving financial aid as well as other rate reductions.

How Do Capella University Tuition & Fees Stand?

For the past five years, there has been a rise of 2.8% in Capella University fees and tuition for out-of-state students. The tuition was expanded by 2.7% while the fees expanded by 0.0%. If the growth keeps up, then this year, students should be looking at paying $14,650.

As a result of price increases, the full cost of a four-year Capella University degree will stand at $61,118, and the full price of a two-year degree would be $29,713, which is excluding additional costs like books transportation, and room and board.

Any Hidden Costs? Tuition Estimate Effective July 13, 2020

Here, we will be bringing you a straightforward approach to program costs because you deserve to have a clear understanding of tuition and fees. I will be listing common tuition costs and other fees, and prices that vary by program. In order to help you get a complete and accurate picture of your financial investment, you are to view your specific degree program, or contact an enrollment counselor or send an email.

Here is the tuition estimate effective July 13, 2020, and is subject to change:

Doctoral Degrees

Tuition (per quarter) – $4,698 – $4,900

Tuition (capped tuition maximum, per credit until max) – $4,385 – $5,000

Tuition (per credit) – $540 – $800

FlexPath Option (each 12-week billing session – $3,200

Residency – $1,495

Week-in-Residence – $600 – $1,495

Year-in-Residence Extended Seminar – $2,990 – $3,290

Master’s Degree

Tuition (per credit) – $435 – $805

FlexPath Option (each 12-week billing session) – $2,400 – $2,800

Bachelor’s Degrees

Tuition (per credit) – $357 – $411

FlexPath Option (each 12-week billing session) – $2,500 – $3,200

Certificate Programs

Tuition (per credit) – $375 – $805

FlexPath Option (each 12-week billing session) – $2,750

Weekend-in-Residence – $275

Week-in-Residence – $1,495

Year-in-Residence Extended Seminar – $2,990

Additional Fees

Capella is committed to a transparent/straightforward pricing policy with no hidden costs or unexpected fees. Apart from your tuition fees, you may be responsible for the following:

Application Fee – Capella has decided to waive all application fees until further notice.

International Transcript Evaluation Fee – $100

Undergraduate Prior Learning Assessment – $75 per credit

Graduate Prior Learning Assessment – $125 per credit

Documented Credit Prior Learning Assessment – $50

Resource Kit – $50 – $175 per quarter/12-week billing session.

Travel/Lodging for Residencies – Varies.

Do Students Get Financial Aid at Capella University?

The good side about financial aid is that it helps most students boycott paying the full tuition and fee price to attend Capella University. Financial aid bridges the gap between the cost of attendance, and what families can actually afford.

Financial aids come from a few different places:

  • Federal aid, is granted by the federal government, or is subsidized by the federal government.
  • Institutional aid comes from the school.

Back to the question, yes, Capella University does offers financial aid to eligible students. Students can get: Federal grants, Federal Work-Study Program, Student loans etc.

How to Use Your Aid

Capella University disburses your funds late in the third week of courses if you are enrolled at least half time, have posted in the course room during the first week, and have met all other aid eligibility requirements. After applying the offer to your outstanding balance, you will be refunded any excess to you to accept or return.

You can apply your federal aid offer to:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Books and supplies
  • Dependent care expenses
  • Disability-related expenses
  • Licensing/Certification fees
  • Personal computer
  • Eligible study-abroad programs. Miscellaneous living expenses.

How to Maintain Your Financial Aid

After you have been approved for financial aid, you have to meet these requirements, to ensure that you get timely and consistent disbursements.

  • You must be enrolled at least half time.
  • Take part in courses by census and ongoing
  • Must maintain good academic standing and satisfactory academic progress.

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