ITT Technical Institute Transcripts – How to Place ITT Technical Institute Transcripts Requests

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You can now order your ITT Technical Institute Transcripts, all thanks to ITT Technical Institute, which has entered into a contract with Parchment to offer convenient, national, online request and fulfillment services for ITT Tech transcripts and related credentials.

A partnership was reached between ITT Tech and Parchment, to ensure that your transcript data stays safe, secure, and can be ordered and delivered online at any time.

ITT Technical Institute Transcripts

With the ITT Technical Institute closure, many former students of the institute worried about the validity of the credits they earned, and if they would be able to obtain their old ITT Tech transcripts.

In order to calm their fears, the school has partnered with Parchment, which is an online credential delivery service, to enable students to order their ITT Tech transcripts without going to an ITT campus.

Itt Technical Institute Transcripts – How it Works

With ITT, having engaged Parchment to provide a convenient and national, online request and fulfillment service for ITT transcripts and related credentials, this service will be available during ITT’s wind-down period and afterward, ensure a secure and accessible avenue for students and alumni to get the transcript and diploma services they need.

As a student, alumni or adviser to one, you need to know how the service works.

How to Place ITT Technical Institute Transcripts Requests

If you want to place a transcript request through Parchment, use the following guide:

  • Visit Parchment’s unique ITT ordering page and sign up for an account. (
  • Choose the destination you want your transcript sent to.
  • Then confirm order details and key in payment

After placing an order, you can track the progress of the order in your Parchment account. You will also be sent an email, when your transcript is sent.

What Graduate Year Can Get Their Itt Technical Institute Transcripts from Parchment?

You have to note your graduation year, because the service only supports 1994 graduates to the current students only. Note also, that graduates from the states of Colorado and Massachusetts can submit orders regardless of graduation year.

However, for non-Colorado and non-Massachusetts students that graduated before 1994, Parchment does not maintain these records, thus recommends that you reach out to your State for more details.

Sending Transcripts to a College or University

Apart from online request and tracking, Parchment offers the ability to send your transcripts electronically to colleges instead of them printing and having them mailed. When you start the ordering process, you will be asked to key in the destination.

Since more than 80% of colleges accept electronic transcripts, it is likely that Parchment will recognize your destination, and inform you that the admissions office would rather prefer electronic delivery, which is easier and faster for them to process electronic transcripts, mostly when there is a need for courses to be evaluated for credit. You always decide to send it through email to any email address or have it printed and mailed to any address.

What is the Cost of Ordering Itt Technical Institute Transcripts from Parchment?

In this case, Parchment charges a request fee. The fee for electronic requests and delivery is $15. If you wish for your transcript to be printed and delivered by mail, you will be paying an additional $2.50 for handling fee.

It is advised, that you send electronically, both to save those costs and because of these facts that it is the delivery method that colleges prefer. If you prefer overnight delivery or international destinations, the handling fee will be higher, depending on what you have chosen.

You can now easily place an order for your ITT Technical institute transcripts and diplomas, using the instructions above with ease.

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