The Morning After: Realme Dizo To Launch Its First Product In India July 1 – let’s See What They Have

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Realme Dizo – Realme announced a recent sub-brand under its tech-life ecosystem called DIZO. Following its recent declaration of DIZO products which includes Bar phones, TWS earphones, and a smartwatch surface online.

Realme Dizo To Launch Its First Product In India July 1

The company has openly declared that it will hold the first-ever DIZO press release in India on the 1st of July. Realme has dispatched block the date press invite for DIZO products, we can expect the brand to launched its first-ever products in the country.

Here are some of the products DIZO might launch on that day

The DIZo bar phones that we’re discovered in FCC listings, dubbed the star series, it is rumored to have 2 G-enabled feature phones with removal batteries, micro SD slots, and dual sim. The DIZO 500  has a bigger display compared to the lower DIZO star 300 however the latter is said to have a bigger 2,500Mah battery than the DIZO 500.

A listing of DIZO watch, which resembled the rebranded Realme watch, TWS earbuds model dubbed, DIZO Gopods, and pods D are also listed on the DIZO website. Currently, there is no information on the availability and prices. However, going by the looks of devices and specs they should be the price in the lower end segment.

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