How to set up Health sharing in iOS 15 and on your iPhone 2021

How to set up Health sharing in iOS 15 and on your iPhone – To make health tracking hassle-free for Apple device users, Apple has introduced Health sharing in iOS 15, this means that you can now keep track record of not only your health but also be forever informed about how your loved ones are doing.

Life is unpredictable, and so is your health, it is this unpredictability that makes us concerned about the well-being of our loved ones and also requires us to keep track of their well-being. Curious about how to tap into this new iOS feature, let me assist you with the health sharing on iOS 15 on your iPhone.

How to set up Health sharing in iOS 15 and on your iPhone

How to set up Health sharing in iOS 15 on iphone.

Before going through the quick steps, first read up on what is health feature on iOS 15 a well thought feature.

What is health sharing ios15 and how does it work?

Health sharing in iOS 15 and on your iPhone is designed to make sharing health data a breeze so that you keep your friends, family, and caregivers update about how you are doing. You can also utilize health sharing to keep track of the health of your loved ones.

For a seamless tracking experience, shared data appears in the dashboard, so if you or your family ever want to go into details to check important insights and track health trends, they won’t have to go deeper to retrieve any Information concerning your health.

What sort of data can you share on iOS 15?

Health sharing in iOS 15 features in apple health apps allow users to share certain types of health data. This includes:

  • High heart rate
  • Low heart rate
  • Detected falls
  • Hours of sleep
  • Walking heart rate average
  • Resting heart rate
  • Activity
  • Exercise minutes
  • Irregular rhythm
  • Steps
  • Headphone audio levels
  • Walking and running distance fertility window insights

Shared data in the health sharing iOS 15 features important I sight along with the highlighted trends to offer a better perspective about the wellness of a person, the health sharing app also features trend analysis for as many as 20 types of data making it problem-free to check how a given metric is progressing with things like mindful minutes and increasing running distance, trends also make it easy to keep tabs on major health goals.

Health sharing Requirements and availability

Ensure the person you want to share your health data with is on your contact list and their device is also running iOS 15 or later.

Currently, the availability of health sharing in ios 15 is only in the US, and it will be rollout to the rest of the world later this year.

How To Share your data with someone in ios 15

Here is how to set up health sharing in iOS 15 to track the wellness of your loved ones.

  • Open the health sharing app on your iPad or iPhone device
  • Access the sharing app from the lower navigation bar
  • Tap on share with someone
  • Proceed to add your family or friends from the contacts app
  • Choose from the two options (see suggested topics: this option enable the health sharing iOS 15 to show suggested categories based on the data available, set up manually: if you are sure about the health data you want to share, then select this option)
  • Choose to notify your loved ones about important health alerts.
  • Turn on/off the toggles right next to the data that you are not willing to share on the activity & mobility screen

How to stop sharing your health data with someone else

  • Open the health sharing app.
  • Move to share
  • Tap on the name of the person, you no longer want to share data with on the health sharing app
  • Scroll down and tap on stop sharing data

They will no longer have access to your health data.

What about privacy while using the health sharing app

Data on the health sharing app is encrypted during transmission to loved ones and doctors, while it on your device is locked with face ID, passcode, or touch ID. You can also choose to stop sharing health data and iOS 15 will remove your health data statistics for your friend’s device.

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