The best Valentine’s Day food gifts for guys: Best Valentine Treat For Guys

The best Valentine’s Day food gifts for guys –  if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day food gift food with a little more meat on its bones, there are endless options to whet even a caveman-esque appetite. The internet is chock-full of edible gift ideas for the big guy in your life, from cured beef bouquets (you read that right) to fine artisan sauces, boxes of high-end beef cuts, and even Valentine’s Day-themed bagels fresh from a New York City bakery. A good bottle of bourbon or cologne is always fun to unwrap but, honestly, you can probably do a little better if you put your mind to it — and we’re willing to help.

We tied on our napkin and rolled up our sleeves to serve you up some of the best food gift ideas for the boys on Valentine’s Day. At the time of this writing, all of these food gifts had a shipping option to ensure arrival before Feb. 14, but we’d suggest double-checking with the vendor before placing your order.

The best Valentine's Day food gifts for guys

These tasty Valentine’s day mail-order treats can be gotten in any of the following shops below.

  • A heart-shaped steak Lobell’s:
  • Baz Valentine’s Day bagels:
  • Pastrami Queen sandwich kit for 4:
  • A monthly beer drops:

To get the best delicious meal for you guy this Valentine make sure you visit any of those sites above and thank me later.

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