Steam Link – How To Download The Steam Link App

How to download the steam link app – Do you want to know more about the steam link app? You are on the right page, steam link is software or hardware that supports the streaming of games or steam contents from a personal computer, mobile device, or television.

Steaming link allows a game controller to connect and to control the game over the connection to the computer or device. Steam gives you access to stream on the internet for free. Steam Link is a stand-alone app that enables you to play games for free.

Steam Link

There are no download or service fees attached to stream your steam games to phones, tablets, and also TV the app does not require any fee.

You can utilize the app by simply downloading the steam link app and then connect your host computer via your local network to expand the range of your steam in home experience. Steam link is compatible with a number of blue tooth controllers, including steam controllers.

Can You Stream Video With Steam Link

Steam Link app can be used as a general desktop streaming device, you can watch videos on stream link, like Netflix, you can also surf the Internet before you can achieve this you must be a steam user and also have the steam link app on your device.

How To Be A Steam User

Follow the steps to be a steam user:

  • Enter in your web browser
  • Click on the login link
  • You will be redirected to another page click on the join steam button
  • Provide your necessary required details
  • Select your home country
  • Enter the characters provided
  • Go through the policies and terms
  • Check the little box to agree with terms and conditions
  • Click on the continue link
  • Verify your email by clicking on the message sent by steam link
  • When you open the message click the create new account button
  • Provide a username and password
  • Re-enter password for confirmation
  • Proceed to click the complete sign-up link

How To Download The Steam Link App

  • Enter the Google Play Store on your devices
  • Tap on the search bar, type steam link, and search
  • Click on the app
  • Proceed to download and install

Steam Link Set Up

Here is now you can connect steam link

  • Ensure your PC, is turned on and logged into steam
  • Connect your steam link to your television and your home network
  • Connect a controller to your steam link and then follow the instructions to stream your games to your TV

You can now play your games on television.

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