Snapchat Tests Bitmoji Avatars in Wheelchairs

Snapchat Tests Bitmoji Avatars in Wheelchairs – Bitmoji indicate your own personal emoji, you can create an expression cartoon avatar, choose from a growing library of moods and stickers. Bitmoji has taken another step towards inclusivity and representation of diversity in its community.

Bitmoji was created by a company which is called Bitstrips, it was founded in 2007 by Jacob Blackstock, David Kennedy, Shahan Panth, Dorian Baldwin, and Jesse Brown. As soon as Bitstrips released Bitmoji, the company was taken by Snapchat in 2016.

Snapchat Tests Bitmoji Avatars in Wheelchairs

Lately, Bitmoji has been focusing much on its strength in giving users more avatar personalization options for inclusivity. Suppose Bitmoji’s newest additions are any indication of what’s to come, the future will be promising.

 Bitmoji Adds Wheelchair Representation

Bitmoji, Snapchat’s cartoon avatar creation app, tests releasing the latest sticker selections featuring the avatar in a manual wheelchair. In creating the designs, Bitmoji reviewed community feedback and worked closely with Snapchat’s disability rights advisor.

If you want find the new stickers of your Bitmoji avatar in a wheelchair, you should use the search function to search for the keyword “wheelchair.” This works in the Bitmoji app, Chrome browser extension, iOS keyboard, and Gboard.

when you are sharing on Snapchat or from Bitmoji’s Android keyboard, you can use the smart sticker suggestion feature while typing.

most apparel options may not look quite right with the new wheelchair selections— Bitmoji admits that it is having some technical difficulties. The service suggests trying a different outfit or pair of shoes as it works through the kinks of this testing period.

Bitmoji Continues Its Inclusivity Project

Bitmoji Support says that Bitmoji’s mission has “always been to create that reflect and represent the diversity” of its community. The addition of these new sticker designs is a great step forward in that regard.

If you have any suggestions to improve these new stickers or any future inclusive designs, Bitmoji encourages that you submit a support request.

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