Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2021 : Will There Be A Hunt For Snapchat Egg In The Year 2021?

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Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2021 – It’s that time of the year again!! It’s Easter and as that approach, we get a chance to enjoy all it’s juicy packages/ fun games the social media giant has to offer. Wondering what the social media giant is, are you? Well it’s Snapchat!! The social media giant “Snapchat” decides to bring back it’s annual Easter Egg Hunt in 2021.

With Easter knocking on our doors already, we hope your prepared for all the fun filled hunt Snapchat has got to offer (it’s themed products and events). It’s pretty cool, the fact that our favorite social media keeps us busy with activities for the season.

Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2021

Regardless of the current pandemic (Covid-19), we really hope and anticipate  the Amazingly Awesome Snapchat Egg Hunt this year. Now the big question is “Will There Be A Hunt For Snapchat Egg In The Year 2021”?

What is the Snapchat Easter Egg hunt All About?

Snapchat Easter Egg is very similar to Pokemon Go, where players go to particular locations to catch Pokemon. In this case, players make use of their mobile devices to location services to track down eggs through Snapchat’s Snap Map.

All you’ve got to do is to use your Snap app’s camera to spot virtual eggs that’ll pop up on the map each step you take around. You as a user literarily hunt for eggs in real life, collecting as many eggs as possible. If you get a Colored egg you’ll earn 1 point but if you get a Shiny egg, you’ll earn 5 points each.

Now we’re aren’t sure if this years hunt will be real or virtual. Once you get close to an egg on your Snap Map, click on it to collect it and earn a point or more (depending on the egg). While on the Easter Hunt, you’ll come across “chicks” and once you tap on one, a mini game will pop up giving you a chance to win an extra 10 point once you win.

Will There Be An Easter Egg Hunt 2021?

There’s been no official announcement about a 2021 version of the mind blowing hunt/ game. If eventually there’ll be an announcement on how the game will work this year, it’ll be released sooner than later. So let’s hope and keep our fingers crossed.

Hopefully we won’t be left to celebrate Easter without the hunt. Nevertheless, just make sure you have fun this Easter with wisdom though. Enjoy

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