Royal Q Registration: How To Register And Get Started With Royal Q AI Trading Bot

Let’s Show you How To Register And Get Started With Royal Q AI Trading Bot. If you are hearing about Royal Q for the first time click here to Read All About RoyalQ Bot trading

Important Note: Click the top right corner to change LANGUAGE

To register Royal Q not you will need to set you a Binance account, or you can still use your existing Binance account.

All you need to do is connect your royal Q app with your existing Binance account and you are good to go.

Pay one-year subscription to royal Q trading BOT – $120

Deposit USDT TRC 20 into your financial account and start trading more your trade more profit you make.

API is authorized to bind Binance and Huobi exchanges and it can access reading and trading permission. Users trading funds do not need to be transferred to the total Q platform, be rest assured it is safe.

If you still do not understand Royal Q and how this can help you make a profit in crypto trading then this video presentation again. After watching you can proceed to start free registration and after that activate your Royal Q robot.

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Start Your Free Registration

Register with royal Q (free)

  • Access this link to register
  • Provide your email, and your password, re-enter password
  • Tap on Send verification code. (The code will be sent to your email that you provided)
  • Enter the verification number code you received in your mail
  • Enter the invitation code which is BHF9J
  • Proceed to register
  • Download the Android and iOS app from your google and app store

Download Royal Q For Android:

Download Royal Q for iPhone:

Ensure to use the invitation code (BHF9J) as you register to make use of a robot, then proceed to login after downloading Robot RoyalQ app.

Register Binance Account

If you already have a Binance account you can use your existing Binance account if you don’t have a Binance account click here to register.

Royal Q Registration Step 1: Activation of Royal Q bot

Deposit USDT to royal Q activation fee

  • Access the Royal Q app, click on MINE at the bottom right
  • Tap on asset, then deposit the royal Q USDT wallet address  will appear
  • Send $140 USDT to the address
  • Then access the Royal Q app, and then click on mine
  • Proceed to activate

Step2: Binding/Linking Royal Q to Binance

Ensure your Binance app displays Binance pro instead of Binance lite. Tap on the image on the top of the left to change to Binance pro.

On your Binance app

  • Tap more and scroll down
  • Tap on API management
  • Label API key as royal and click Create API KEY
  • Copy the API key and paste it in the Royal Q app
  • Below the API KEY TAP ON the triangle to access your secret key.
  • Copy the key and paste it into Royal Q. Doing this will immediately link Royal Q bot all and Binance

From the Royal Q app

  • Tap on mine, at the bottom right select  binding
  • Tap on Binance to paste the Binance API and secret key to bind
  • Tap on binding and both will be linked, you can now trade-in Binance.

Step 3: How to fund and Deposit USDT to Binance.

From Binance

  • Tap on the wallet and make a deposit
  • Search for USDT
  • Tap on USDT a QR code will appear
  • At the upper right tap on TRC20
  • Your wallet address will appear, send USDT to your Binance account for you to trade.

The minimum per trade is $10 USDT, however, you can trade as much as you afford.

How to Start Trading

From Royal Q App

  • Tap on quantitative at the bottom, search for the club to trade and select it
  • Tap on trade setting
  • Provide amount to trade in first purchase in the amount section the confirm at the upper right corner and confirm again
  • Tap on start green button to start trading.


Jaw-Dropping Rewards Waiting For You


It is not compulsory you have to refer people to make money on Royal Q, the trading profit is already a good one. But in other to earn more profit it is highly recommended you refer other people thereby giving them the opportunity to earn passively like you.

Watch The Compensation Plan Video

I am sure you have been properly guided on how to register Royal Q, Get Started With The Royal Q AI Trading Bot.

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