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Nursing course list

Nursing course list – Thinking about going to school to study nursing? Then you are on the right part, you are headed for a great career one that is very rewarding, challenging, and exciting. Most nursing schools require high GPAs and impressive scores in subjects like maths, chemistry, biology, psychology, and other demanding subjects required to get into school.

Registered nurses assist doctors and other nurses in providing critical care to patients. Registered nurses refer to a nurse who has an associate degree in nursing, or a bachelor of science in nursing and has taken a test is required to earn nursing credentials. Each nursing course has its own set of requirements, there are several prerequisites you can expect to have to achieve this.

Steps to Become A Nurse

Before you become a nurse there some certain major steps you need to take, if you hope to be a licensed practical, vocational nurse, registered nurse, or administrator you are required to graduate from an accredited nursing program to become licensed

  • Choose your career path, do you want to be a registered nurse or a certified nurse. Registered nurse is found in the hospital assist doctors while certified nurses often work in the nursing homes
  • Earn a bachelor’s or associate degree in nursing
  • Once you have earned a degree in nursing, you will need to take an exam to demonstrate your knowledge and nursing skills.

List of Nursing courses

  • Certified nursing assistant certificate or diploma takes just weeks to prepare you if you wish to enter the nursing field as quickly
  • Licensed practical nurse certificate or diploma trained student to work under the supervision of registered nurses
  • Associates degree in nursing is the fastest course to take if you wish to become a registered nurse, a rile that provide major health care to their patients
  • Bachelors of science in nursing, makes you contending for jobs than you will do with an associate degree.
  • Master of Science is majorly designed for someone who wants to specialized as an advanced registered nurse
  • Doctoral degree in nursing provides you with opportunity to teach in the university, work in nursing research, or take on executive role

How long does it take to get a nursing degree?

The time it takes to earn a nursing degree depends on the program you choose. An associate degree in nursing will like take two years, while a bachelor degree typically takes four years to complete but if you already have an associate degree and you wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing then you will be able to achieve this in a shorter period all need to do is transfer your associate degree in nursing credits and complete a bachelors in nursing in 1 or 2 years.

Being part of professional nursing may also have a positive impact on your career as it connecting you to others in the field establishing opportunities it is advisable to look into that.

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