Messenger Rooms – Messenger Room App – How To Use Messenger Rooms

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 Messenger Rooms– Messenger Rooms is a new way to hangout with your favorite people on video chat.

It is also a video chat room in which you can share link to connect to many people.

Messenger Rooms

It can depend on the room settings, participants may not need to download, log in or connect to Facebook messenger room to join your call.

How to create Messenger Rooms

Once its available to you, here’s is how to create Rooms from your Phone:

  1. Open the messenger mobile app
  2. Tap the people tab at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap create a Room
  4. Select the people who you want to join
  5. You can also share the room in your News feed, Groups, and Events.
  6. To share a Room with people who don’t have Facebook, you can share a link with them.

You can join a room from your phone or computer- no need to download anything, Facebook said.

How To Use a Messenger Rooms?

When you use a Facebook messenger Rooms these privacy settings apply:

  • Facebook messenger rooms can be locked or unlocked once a call begins
  • The room generator can remove any unwanted participants
  • You can leave the room as a participant if you are no longer comfortable
  • Participants can report the room name if you find it violates our community standard. Keep in mind that reports will not include audio from the room.
  • If you have blocked someone on Facebook or messenger they won’t be able to join theirs if they are logged in to their Facebook or messenger account

Facebook Messenger Rooms is a great medium launched by Facebook to help you stay safe during this pandemic and as well keep your business and meeting going.

Always have it in mind that different platforms will have different settings, so here on Messenger room, your setting are created as soon as you have succeeded in creating the room.

Lear how rooms work on our products:

  • Messenger
  • Messages on Facebook
  • Facebook News Feed
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Events
  • instagram
  • WhatsApp

When you use Messenger Room links:

  • The person who created the room must be in the room for people to join.
  • It is only the person who created the room can lock the room, end the room, or remove room participants.
  • If you are logged in to Facebook or messenger when you join a room other will see your Facebook profile name, profile picture and that you are in the room.
  • The video chat is not end-end encrypted.

How do I share a link for my room?

You may want share a room link on any messaging service.

To share your room link:

  1. from your room, tap share link

2. send the link to others using any messaging service.