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Local Walmart Store- Walmart is an international retail store having several hypermarkets, discount department stores, local stores, and grocery stores. Walmart was founded in the year 1962 by Sam Walton and it has its headquarters is at Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart happens to be the world’s largest company in terms of revenue, controlling well over $500 billion.

Local Walmart Store

And although a private firm controlled by the Walton family, it has an employee count of 2.2 million, making it the world’s largest private employer. Walmart’s primary focus has been to provide customers with products sold at a low-profit margin, making it cheap and very affordable for customers to buy.

This initiative undercuts the prices set by competitors, increasing it’s sales significantly. So Walmart finds lower-cost suppliers making it easier to reduce the selling price. And although the profit margin set by the selling price is low, it outstandingly beats its competitors in terms of profits generation because it makes far much better volume of sales.

About Local Walmart Store

The Local Walmart store are stores within the local territories. They include a series of smaller Walmart stores about one-fifth of the size of Walmart’s supper centers, ranging in size from 2,600 square meters to  6,000 square meters with an average size of 3,900 square meters. Walmart’s early focus was on its supercenters, so it took about 10 years for the first local Walmart store creation after the first supercenter.

While Walmart has several categories in its sales, the local Walmart store is focused primarily on just groceries, pharmacy and fuel. The products sold at local Walmart stores are also of the same price as those sold in Walmart’s Supercenters. The idea behind creating the local Walmart stores was to close the gaps between the Walmart supercenters. The employment capacity in the local Walmart stores is about 90 – 95 in number.

Walmart SuperCenters

Walmart supercenters are the larger Walmart stores with sizes ranging from 6,400 square meters to 24,200 square meters with an average size of about 16,500 square meters. The first supercenter opened was in Washington in 1998 in Missouri. The largest Walmart Supercenter is located in New York, Albany, having a size of 24,200 square meters.

The Walmart supercenters sell almost anything you can possibly think of. Among the list of products they sell include fresh seafood, meats, and poultry, frozen foods, dairy products, baked goods, garden products, fuels. And you can also find pet shops, garden centers where they sell plants and related products, pharmacy, optical centers where you can find professional opticians to prescribe eyeglasses and offer eye care, photo processing labs, local bank branches, alcove shops, mobile phones stores and hair, and nail salons. Walmart records high customer satisfaction and if you choose to buy from Walmart you can be sure it’s at a well-priced amount.

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