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In our article on the “Konga sign in with Facebook” we made mention of how easy it is to boycott a whole lot of stress in inputting your info upon trying to login the usual way.

On this Konga sign up with Facebook article we are simply going to be highlighting how easy you can create to login your Konga account by simply using the “Login with Facebook option”

It’s simply important to note that on the Konga webpage the Login with Facebook option is simply same as the Konga sign up with Facebook option.

Konga Sign Up With Facebook

This is good because it simply save new users who have a valid Facebook account with their valid credentials time upon using the Konga marketplace platform for the first time.

How To Sign Up On Konga Using Facebook

The following are easy steps to follow in order to successfully login to Konga using Facebook:

  • Log onto https://www.konga.com/account/login?return_url=/customer/account/create/ on your preferred mobile or desktop browser.
  • Proceed by clicking on the “Login/Sign up” button at the top right on the dashboard of the displayed page.
  • On the next pop up webpage, click the “Login with Facebook” button.
  • The the displayed page leaves you with an option of either provide to your Facebook login details to proceed or if already logged in your Facebook account on your mobile or desktop web browser, click “Continue as your displayed profile” to proceed.


The Konga Merchandise platform is a user friendly platform with buyer and sellers packages to suite their customers’ needs while likewise protecting the interest of every online user of the platform.

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