Ki-Video.Xyz Review | Is a Scam? or Not

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Ki-Video.Xyz Review – Clone of several websites is being built. is is the clone version of the previous website and, these websites all have similiar functioning patterns, earning strategies, and more which raised a question “Are they legit or not?.

Ki-Video.Xyz Review

In this article you will get answers to several questions such as Should I open a account, Is a scam website with authentic information’s.

Is a scam?

I think this not a genuine earning platform the ki-video earning platform doesn’t have a contact address and they don’t have an about us page on their web page which is good practice for legit websites for sharing their information and story.

I recommend this platform users learn about a web platform before they begin using it and give their personal detail. Ki-video is not perceived as a legit website for this reason.

Selling Users Data

Some websites with such suspicious platforms gather user’s data and sell it to third-party platforms in form of big data. Their numerous scamming site with such acts operating online today. There is to gather as much user information’s as they can.

Also, scammers can use loot money from user’s accounts through the information you provide to their platforms. If you have shared any financial information with this platform, I recommend you quickly change your password or debit/credit card.

Users Referral

Watching video content on website is not the real work. They want users to bring in more users to their website  Sites like first ask people to watch videos and earn. In the dashboard, people see their income increasing daily as they watch videos.

After some time when people cross the minimum payout limit, then websites ask them to make for example 20 referrals first to release their money. Earlier scam sites do not use to give such excuses. They either stop replying back or used to ask people for money to speed up or upgrade their process to release the income.

Currently, scammers are now using user referral as excuse even after this absurd demand, users make, and get to the required number of referrals, they still withhold the promised offer from the user.

Genuine companies also uses referral method to give incentives to their customers or members. They don’t withhold users from their income just because they have not made referral.

Also even if making referrals is important for the company, income should not be blocked for this reason.


With the reasons provided above and the research is done in the above platform, it is perceived that this money earning platform is a scam website and users should, first of all, make research on a platform before getting into it.

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