iPhones and Android devices collect our Data and even Idle

iPhones and Android devices collect our Data and even Idle – Google and Apple phones were found to collect and share certain data with google and apple every few minutes even when in the bag or pocket.

No way to opt-out of data collection

A new research study conducts by trinity college professor Doug Leith stated that our phones collect and upload data to apple and google whether we are okay with this or not, and there is no way out for this.

The study found out that Google and Apple smartphones naturally upload data every four minutes, including the hardware serial numbers, phone number, IMEI, Wi-Fi Mac address, and whether or not a sim card has been inserted, among other details.

iPhones and Android devices collect our Data and even Idle

Professor Leith commented:

‘’I think most people accept that Apple and Google need to collect data from our phones to provide services such as iCloud or Google Drive. But when we simply use our phones as phones—to make and receive calls and nothing more—it is much harder to see why Apple and Google need to collect data. Yet in this study, we find that Apple and Google collect a wealth of information in precisely that situation. It seems excessive, and it is hard to see why it is necessary”.

Google has conceded to this study by acknowledging that this data collection is by design. Google said that this research study “outlines how smartphones work,” with a company spokesperson quoted as saying the following:

Modern cars regularly send basic data about vehicle components, their safety status and service schedules to car manufacturers, and mobile phones work in very similar ways. This report details those communications, which help ensure that iOS or Android software is up to date, services are working as intended, and that the phone is secure and running efficiently.

However, Apple did not comment on the study at the time of writing.

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