How to Manage Your Gmail Inbox Using Google Tasks: Add Tasks in Gmail

How to Manage Your Gmail Inbox Using Google Tasks – It’s pretty cool, the combination of Google Tasks and Gmail to give out an amazing feature.

What’s Google Tasks?

It’s an app that captures and edits your tasks from anywhere, at any time with to-dos that sync all your devices. It’s an app that came along with most of your Gsuite products. This app can also be downloaded on it’s own to your phone. It allows you to manage and add tasks using a to-do list in your inbox. High-priority and low-priority emails can be separated without archiving or deleting them. Your emails will get integrated as tasks. Using tasks makes your management of all actionable items from one central location other than switch from Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs and Google sheets.

This app can be used for free, and it’s already part of your Gmail inbox. It’s an important feature of Gmail to increase productivity.

How to Add Tasks in Gmail

  • Log into your Gmail account.
  • You’ll see a sidebar on the right-hand side, including an icon for Google Tasks, tap on this icon to open the application.

Add a New Task in Gmail

  • Tap Add a task.
  • Type in a title then tap on Enter.
  • Tap on the pencil icon.
  • Get a description then add up a date and time or a subtask.
  • Tap on Back Arrow.

Once your task has been added, fill in the title. However, if you want more info added to your task then Tap on the pencil icon. It will give you access to put a description for your task with a specific date, time and subtasks. The date and time you included automatically sync your task with your Google Calendar and make an event available for the task.

How to Manage Your Gmail Inbox Using Google Tasks

It’s effective with the full list of Gsuite integrations from Google. Adding up a subtask creates more tasks beneath your original task. Although, if you’ve got a bigger project, you’ll break it down into smaller parts.

Add an Email to Google Tasks

  • Open Google Tasks.
  • Select and drag the email into Tasks.

Once it’s been moved to the correct area, your email has automatically be moved. Editing is still possible with the same options you had before just that this time, Google has added a link to the email in your task.

 Once you’ve tapped the email link, the email in your inbox will be opened which makes seeing of the email details quite easy without needing to search for it in your inbox.

Managing Your Google Tasks

Rearrange your task order, remaining list, deleting list, deleting task, learning the keyboard shortcuts, copying reminders and more receive the full experience from your Google Tasks.

You’ll need to reorganize your to-do list once in a while to help the important items kept in check to avoid getting forgotten.

To do that, tap and hold your items in the correct order you need. You could Drag items into subtasks so they’ll be in a parental task or you could task your subtasks and make them their parent task.

 If you’ll want to categorize your list by date, tap on the three dots then choose Date. Click on My other to get back to your customized order.

The Arrow beneath your tasks will give you a view of all the tasked completely marked.

Once you’ve got access to that, deleting particular completed tasks is possible or marking some incompleted once.

Completed task view in Google Tasks

The unique thing about Google Tasks is the ability to create different lists for the tasks you have. For example, you could create a separate list for work, personal, and groceries.

Creating and Managing Lists in Google Tasks

  • Tap on My Tasks.
  • Tap on Create New List.
  • Type in the name of the list.
  • Click Done.

Once you’ve created your list, Google Tasks will automatically open your new list, and you can start adding tasks immediately.

To switch back to another task, click on My Tasks again and select the list of your choice. You can rearrange your list order by clicking on the six dots and dragging your list to the position you want.

Your risk can be renamed at any time, and you can also delete the entire list if you’d like. If you need to change a task from one list to another list, click on the pencil icon and select the correct list from the dropdown.

You can reorder the list using the methods outlined above. To exit out of your task screen, click the X in the top right, and the sidebar will disappear, leaving only the icons for easy access.

Other Task Integrations

Google Tasks comes integrated into your Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Slides platforms.

  It allows you to add links to specific files you may need to access to complete a particular task. When you click these links, you’ve opened up the file or document in a different tab and still have your Google Tasks app reachable.

This will streamline your efficiency and ability to get more done by having everything you need in one location. You’ll receive notifications for your tasks if you set up a specific time and date from your calendar.

Streamlining Your Tasks

With Google, streamline your entire inbox and Gsuite products is the best. You can prioritize actionable items without having to manage your full inbox.

By integrating Google Tasks with the rest of your Gsuite products, you’ll have a central to-do list without needing to log into multiple platforms. Get organized from one location, no matter where you are in the world.

 I hope this article was helpful. Now you know how to Manage Your Gmail Inbox Using Google Tasks.

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