How to use Siri on iPhone and iPad: Get Started with Siri on iPhone and iPad

How to use Siri on iPhone and iPad. You may want to know how to use apple Siri, apple Siri has been incorporated with important updates and current software like iOS 14 and this makes Siri more significant to iPhone users in the past years.

You may want to set a reminder or check information without holding your phone or opening apps on your mobile, you will need to utilize Siri effectively. You may also want to learn how to control your home smart devices with your apple home pod mini, in this article I will listing some useful tips on how to utilize Siri in all aspects.

How to use Siri on iPhone and iPad

First thing first, to access siri on your iphone:

  • Open settings
  • Scroll and tap Siri
  • To access your Siri customization

Just like other smart speaker’s apple home pod is always active listening for Siri’s wake word. You may want to call Siri with different means of summoning the smart device, you just have to customize it to suit your taste.

Siri customization

Here are various ways you may want to address Siri, all these ways are a way on how to demand Siri attentions.

Listen for hey Siri

Switch this method on for your device to always summon siri, whenever you say hey siri.

Press side button

When you activate this method, you can skip the wake word. To activate, hold down the power button and Siri sphere icon will appear at the bottom of the screen proceed to say your command without saying Hey.

Allows Siri when locked

This feature is a useful shortcut when you are out or when your phone is out of reach, enabling this feature ensures that you don’t need to unlock your mobile device before Siri responds to you. But it will grant access for somebody else to access your device without a passcode


Do you want siri to respond in different language, voices or accent? You can change siri voice to male or female voices or a different language all together.

Siri settings

Depending on which method siri is currently operating on your device, you can call siri by holding down the power button or by saying hey siri when your phone is facing up and uncovers

  • Head to settings
  • Tap on accesibith
  • Choose siri
  • Switch on always listen for siri

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