How to Use Read Later Feature in Google Chrome | Use Read Later in Google Chrome

How to Use Read Later Feature in Google Chrome – For those of us who made use of Mozilla Firefox, you may review that the internet browser has slick coordination with assistance named Pocket for bookmarking site pages for perusing later. Google Chrome is currently finding the element and has arranged a ‘Read Later’ or ‘Understanding List’ highlight to assist clients with saving pages for brisk access.

Use Read Later Feature in Google Chrome (2021)

Like other shrouded highlights, we will empower the read later element utilizing a Chrome Flag. You can utilize ‘read later’ on both PC and mobile Google Chrome and we’ve added separate strides for both. Kindly read through to know how this is done.

How to Use Read Later Feature in Google Chrome

How to Use Read Later in Google Chrome Desktop

Kindly watch these steps and learn how to use read later in google chrome desktop

  • Search for ‘Read later’ in chrome;//flags, this would enable you to make use of the read later. Enable the flag and then restart your browser
  • Right click on ‘Add tab’ to the reading list
  • Look down the drop-down menu and choose ‘Add tab to reading list’
  • Look at the top right corner of your screen, you find a new Reading list option at the bookmarks bar, always enable ‘show bookmarks’ by that you can see all pages you have read not read in different sections.
  • For read pages in the list, you can mark them by clicking the ‘Mark as reading’ button also you can also mark books you have not read or wish to read again by clicking on ‘X’. it’s just an icon after the ‘Mark as Reading button’

How to Read Later in Google Chrome Mobile

  • open your google chrome;//flags, and then enable the flag and restart browser
  • Add pages to your reading list (tab on the bookmark icon and add pages to reading list)
  • Click on bookmark to see your reading list. You can also mark a page ‘Read or Unread’
  • You can also delete links off your reading list from the above option.

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