How to track lost phone with Google maps free – Find, Lock, or Erase a Lost Android Device

How to track lost phone with Google maps free – Losing your mobile phone is a terrible and stressful experience, that sinking feeling that arrives the moment you realize your Android phone is missing is one of the worst feelings, our mobile devices are quite personal in one way or the other they guard our personal secrets and personal information in one way or the other, but there is a way to alleviate that a little you can use google maps to track lost phone.

If you find yourself frantically searching your bags, pockets, or purse for your missing phone, don’t panic every, just like Apple find my phone feature, Android smartphone also comes with how to track lost phone with Google maps free.

How to track lost phone with Google maps free

This feature keeps track of all the places and locations you have visited with your mobile phone. You can track your phone with the help of Google maps from the timeline.

How to track lost android phones with google map

Steps to follow for you to successfully track your mobile phones:

  • Open www. on any mobile device or pc
  • Log in to your google account linked to your lost/misplace android device
  • At the upper right corner click on the three-horizontal bar
  • Enter the month, year and day which you want to see your mobile device
  • Maps will show you the location history of your device along with your device current location

That is now you track lost phones with google maps.

Can you track phone if the location is off for free?

Yes, phones can be tracked without a data connection. There are various maps that have the ability to track your phone without an internet connection.

Can I track my lost cell phone for free?

Find my device previously called device manager offer you the easiest way to track your android phone, just download from the Google play store or you can also access from your browser.

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