How to Refriend Someone You Blocked on Facebook – Unblock Someone on Facebook

How to refriend Someone You Blocked on Facebook – If you mean someone that was your friend, you unfriended them, and now you just want to re-add or re-friend them? Then YES, why not? as long as they didn’t block you.

Facebook’s block option is helpful when you don’t want someone to see any of your content since blocking prevents someone from interacting directly with you on Facebook.

How to refriend Someone You Blocked on Facebook -

Naturally, blocking someone also unfriends that person if you’re currently friends. But maybe you once blocked someone and have since made up with them, or went on a friend-deleting spree and accidentally blocked someone by mistake.

You can’t see that person once they’re blocked, so what can you do to reverse it? Let’s find out how to refriend someone on Facebook that you previously blocked.

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook

First, you’ll need to unblock the blocked person so that you can see their profile again and hopefully send them a friend request.

Log into Facebook and visit your Settings page. You can get there by clicking the Arrow icon in the top-right of Facebook, followed by Settings (if you’re using the new Facebook interface, this will be Settings & Privacy > Settings instead).

On the left side, select the Blocking tab. Here, under Block users, you’ll see everyone you’ve blocked. Click Unblock next to someone’s name to remove the block. Now, you should be able to find them in search and view their profile as normal.

Notice that the Blocking page has several types of blocking. Anyone in Block users cannot see what you post, tag you, chat with you, or send you a friend request. However, you may still see that person if you’re both in a group.

Scroll down, and you’ll see other types of blocks, including Block app, invites and Block event invites. These allow you to block people from sending you certain types of requests without completely blocking their profile or unfriending them.

Use the right option for the situation and you won’t have to worry about unblocking and refriending people in the future. How to refriend Someone You Blocked on Facebook help

How to Refriend Someone on Facebook After Unblocking Them

Once you’ve unblocked someone using the instructions above, simply visit their profile on Facebook. You can get to it by searching, clicking a tag containing their name, or similar methods.

On their profile page, you should see an Add Friend button.

Click that to send them a new friend request; if they accept, you’ll be friends again. However, if you had a bad interaction with this person, they may delete your request. If they do, Facebook provides the Mark as Spam option, which prevents you from sending more friend requests.

So, if you try to friend someone, don’t get a response, then check their profile later and the Add Friend button is missing, that’s probably what happened.

If you go through these steps and can’t find the other person, perhaps they also blocked you. Try contacting them through another method (such as texting or calling) to find out if they blocked you on Facebook. Here’s a detailed guide revealing how to find out who blocked you on Facebook.

They may also have their Facebook account set to only accept friend requests from friends of friends. Check out the rules regarding Facebook friend requests for more help.

Finally, there’s also a chance that your former friend deactivated their Facebook account while you had them blocked. To find out if this is the case, try asking a mutual friend if they’re still friends with the person you had blocked.

Refriending Is Possible After Blocking

As we’ve seen, as long as you unblock someone on Facebook and send them a friend request again, you can refriend that user. However, if they have also blocked you or limited their friend requests there’s little you can do besides reaching out to them via another medium.

In the end you may just need to accept that the person doesn’t want to be friends anymore and move on with your life. After all, removing negative people is one of the best ways to start enjoying social media again.

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