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    Yes the iPhone has got a lot of amazing features and recording a video while your iPhone is playing music is one of them although, it doesn’t work by default. iPhone may be one of the most user friendly companies around but it still keeps some of its functions hidden in secret. Just read through to find out more.

For quite some years now, being able to record a video while playing music has been one of iPhone users wishes. Though it doesn’t work by default but by using an unexpected and unpredictable method, which will allow you record a video while playing an audio using your iPhone.

How to Record Video on an iPhone Without Pausing Your Music

 Record Video Using the iPhone Camera App

    Note: If you have an iPhone XS or earlier, skip to the next section, as you can’t use Apple’s Camera app to do this.

    The iPhone 11 or later camera app can be used to record videos with audio playing . Including the iPhone SE (2nd generation).

 Here’s how to use the Camera app to record video while music plays:

  • Play a song.
  • Launch the Camera app.
  • Choose Photo.
  • Hold the middle shutter button.
  • Slide shutter to the Lock circle on the right to start recording.
  • Once you’re done, tap the red square to stop recording.

Third-Party Video Recording App Options

  Below, you’ll get to know about some other video recording apps  available from the App Store just in case you can’t use a Camera app to record video while playing music.

  1. Instagram

 Instagram which is great social media platform has quiet the app for some amateur video making. Although it’s been taking it’s time in terms of an upgrade of it’s features in recent years.  You get to capture any moment by making a video with the music playing.

How to record a video while playing music on Instagram

 To do that, follow the reps below:

  • Play a song.
  • Head to Instagram.
  • Press the plus (+) button in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Scroll through the options at the bottom then click on Story.
  • Hold down the capture button in the center of the screen to record.
  • Save and download by pressing the down arrow at the top of the screen.
  • Snapchat

  At first, Snapchat basically had it’s disappearing picture messaging service leaving few people to guess the major implication it would have on the technology and social industry. There are now exciting features , filters and option to perfect your photo and videos .

  • Play a song.
  • Open Snapchat.
  • Hold down the capture button in the center of the screen to record video.
  • Save the video by pressing the Download arrow in the bottom left corner once your done.
  • Mideo

  Mideo app renders an excellent video-making service though, it does have an associate cost. You can easily play music and record a video with your iPhone. Here’s how it works:

~   Play some music.

~   Open Mideo.

~   Start Recording.

~   Hold the capture button to record the video.

~   Press Use Video.

~   Select Save to Files to save.

 All you’ll make sure you do is to save the video to you Cloud or Camera roll to avoid reoccurring complains of videos being delete in the app.

Social Status Security

 Nowadays, your actives and presence online defines you a bit. Getting cool and fun ways to record yourself or others is what can keep you away from the social media followers/ influencers.

   Being able to record a video while playing music on your iPhone gives you a different  esthetic that adds joy to your videos and gives you or your business a unique vibe. Enjoy  using your iPhone.

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