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How To Make A Group Chat On Snap Chat – Snapchat is one of the most popular videos and pictures-sharing social media app out there.

You can see and receive snaps using filters, lenses and you can also make groups on snap chat to share pictures with friends; the best part is that you can’t create different groups according to their categories.

One of the fun parts about snap chat group is that you can send your snap to a group that can be accessible to all your friends at one time; you can also engage your friends in different games on the snap that group chats.

How To Make A Group Chat On Snap Chat

If you are not familiar with making a group chat on snap chat, then this article is for you; I will guide you on how to make a group chat on snap chat.

What Does SnapChat Group Mean?

The snap chat group is just like every other social media group chat where you can chat with multiple friends at once; however, the Snapchat group, unlike other social media groups, allows you to only add up to 31 friends in your groups. You can also perform various activities in the group like playing games, sharing memes, annoying your friends, and disturbing them with spam messages.

How To Make A Group Chat On Snap Chat

Creating a group chat on snap chat has a very simple and straightforward step; you can create a group from snap chat list by following the steps below:

Open the Snapchat app

On your mobile device, access the snap chat app; ensure your app is updated and is the latest version of Snapchat; after opening the snap chat app tap on the chat bubble icon from the left bottom of your screen.

Tap on Edit icon

Once you tap on the edit icon a chat list with your friends will be displayed, after that, click on the chat edit icon from navigation bar on the upper top right corner

Tap on New group

Tap on new group to create group under the chat edit, you will see new chat and a new group button

Choose Friends Username

After selecting a new group, you will see a list of your snap chat friends, now select a minimum of two friends from the list to start a group.

Click chat with group

Once you have successfully added your friends to the group, click on the chat with group button.

Now you will be able to see finds in the group list.

How To Make A Group With Your Friends On Snap Chat?

Here is how to make snap chat group chat with all your friends at once:

  • Open the snap chat app on your mobile device
  • If you are not already logged in, proceed to do that
  • After you have succesfully log in your snap chat account, tap on the chat box icon from the bottom navigation bar doing this will display the chat box
  • Tap on the chat edit icon from the too right corner of your screen
  • You will see a new chat, then proceed to tap on group
  • Scroll down and select your 31 friends and add to the group

This is how you create your own group on snap chat

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