How To Get Facebook Marketplace – Facebook has lots of users and gives so many features in it. By using Facebook, you can profit many things, and also you can use Facebook for business things, sales, etc. If you don’t know how to get the marketplace on Facebook, then you’ve landed in the right place. You can use the Marketplace to sell or buy products. These features give you a benefit to sell your products easily or buy products very quickly. Now, we are going to look at “how to get and use the Marketplace on Facebook

This article gives you a clear explanation about how to get and use the marketplace on Facebook. When you finish reading this article, you may get a clarified thought to sell products through Facebook Marketplace. Let’s now go ahead and see how to use the marketplace.

How To Get Facebook Marketplace

How to get Facebook Marketplace?

The process is very simple to get the Marketplace on Facebook. For that, you just need to follow some simple steps which I’ve mentioned below.

1. Entering into the Marketplace

First, open your Facebook app and log in to your account. After logging in, click the menu icon there you can see many options that are popping up in a new screen. There you can be able to see the Marketplace icon which looks like a shop. Click that button. By clicking that button, you can enter into Facebook’s Marketplace.

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2. Selling Products on the Marketplace

After entering into the Marketplace, you can be able to find many options. Also, there appear lots of products that were nearby to your location. You can also able to search what kind of products you need to buy and that product appears nearer to your location. Want to sell products, click the sell option which was located near to your profile. By clicking the option, a new menu will be popping up below, there you can see create a new listing title and select which one you’re going to sell.

3. More Details of Selling Products

After choosing the option which you’re interested to sell, a new screen that opens. There you can find details to be filled related to the products which you’re going to sell. Let’s see what are the details below in simple steps.

  • First, add a photo of your product.
  • You can add up to 10 photos. Make sure that, you’re uploading clear images.
  • Then name a title for your product.
  • Mention a price for your product.
  • Choose the category of your product.
  • Select a location, so that, the buyer can be able to buy your products by viewing your location.
  • Finally add description, tags, availability, offer delivery, and click the next button which was located on the top right corner.
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4. Completion

If you’ve followed all the above steps, you can be able to sell products in Facebook Marketplace. Then Facebook will set active your products to the viewers. By seeing your profile, you can see selling, buying, and updates options. By clicking the selling option, you can see your product’s progress, and also you can chat with the buyer.

If your product has been sold out, then mark as Sold in your selling option, which you can view in your profile. This is a very easy way to sell your products through Facebook Marketplace. By using this, you can benefit more advantages.


I’m concluding this article by telling the summary in brief. This article starts with the title “How to get Marketplace on Facebook” and I clearly explained it. You just need to have an account on Facebook, after that go to the marketplace option which was located on the menu. After entering into the marketplace, choose the topic of your product and fill some details about your products. Finally, go ahead to set active your product on Facebook’s Marketplace. This is a very simple way to sell all your products on Facebook. With this, you have got the information needed.

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