Facebook Messenger Desktop – Facebook’s plans to pivot into private messaging now have a desktop software component. The company said today that it would bring Messenger, its popular messaging client, to Mac and Windows later this year. Facebook made the announcement at its F8 developer conference in San Jose, California.

There are far more mobile phones in the world than desktop computers, and the pace of development for computers has slowed accordingly. But for office workers who spend most of their days using a Mac or PC, messaging is a core function, and a dedicated messaging app could keep them inside Facebook’s ecosystem for hours a day.

“People want to seamlessly message from any device, and sometimes they just want a little more space to share and connect with the people they care about most,” Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook Messenger Desktop

The move could also help Messenger turn a profit by making it a more attractive place for businesses to buy ads. The company wants to add other business tools to its messaging apps as well, making it a primary channel for businesses’ marketing and customer service efforts.

The desktop version of Messenger will include audio calls, group video calls, and other features that are familiar with the mobile version. It’s likely based on Messenger.com, a web-based version of Facebook Messenger that has long been a faster alternative to using Messenger from Facebook’s web interface.

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As a frequent user of Messenger.com, I’m glad a desktop version is coming

The desktop apps are now in testing and will arrive globally “later this year,” the company said.

Facebook Messenger Desktop App

Facebook also lists these as key highlights of the Messenger desktop app: Group video calls: Stay in touch with family and friends on a much larger screen compared to using a smartphone.

1. Easy to connect: If you’re connected with someone on Facebook, then you’re connected to Messenger. No need to have a phone number, email, or sign up for a new service.

2. Multitasking: It’s easy to have Messenger open in one window while you do other things on your computer. Something that’s not possible on a smartphone.

3. Notifications: Notifications are available on the desktop, but you can still choose to snooze or mute them if you prefer.

4. Chat syncing: Easily switch between devices without losing any of your Messenger history.

5. Includes all the same Messenger features you already know: Such as Dark Mode and GIFs

After logging into your Facebook account at Messenger.com, you’ll be greeted by a familiar interface. The design mimics that of the Messenger mobile app but uses a three-column layout. On the left is a list of your conversations along with a settings button and a button to compose a new message.

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The middle column shows your current or selected conversation. The person or people included in the conversation you are viewing are listed on the right with a checkbox to mute notifications for that conversation. In settings, you can disable all notifications and all sounds. When composing a message, you can add emoji, stickers, photos, and a thumbs-up, just as you can with the Messenger mobile app.

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