How to Delete Facebook Page on App – Welcome to this amazing article, do you know that you can delete your Facebook page on your Facebook mobile app? I guess you don’t know right… well if you don’t know, you’re welcome one again to this article.

You can delete a Facebook page if you don’t need it anymore, this article gives you a clear guide on how to delete a Facebook page on the Facebook mobile app and what to do before deleting a Facebook page.

Before you delete a Facebook page, I’ll advise you first download a copy of your Facebook page data so that you don’t lose all your page contents even after you delete the Facebook page.

How to Delete Facebook Page on App

Facebook PageHow to Delete Facebook Page on App

Please don’t be deceived, a Facebook page is entirely different from your Facebook profile account page.  A Facebook profile account page is your personal account that allows you to access the features of the platform. While the Facebook page is strictly meant for business.

Download Facebook Page Data

Before you delete a Facebook page, our team recommends you download a copy of your page data because you may want to use the data for something else in the future. Here’s how to download a copy of your Facebook page data;

  • Open your Facebook page on the mobile app.
  • Navigate to Facebook settings, then click the general settings tab.
  • Click on the download page button.
  • Tap create file.

Facebook will send you an email that contains a link for you to download the data. After downloading the data, you can save it to your device memory.

Delete Your Facebook Page Now

If you want to know How to Delete Facebook Page on App, you must make sure you’re the owner of the Facebook page, that is to say you must be the admin of the Facebook page. If you’re an admin, you can follow the steps below to delete the Facebook page.

  • Visit your Facebook account on your Facebook mobile app.
  • Tap the three lined menu icon at the right side of the page.
  • From the drop-down list, click the page option.
  • Tap your page, then go to page settings.
  • Select general.
  • Tap delete page below the remove page button.
  • Click the delete page button.

Your Facebook page will be permanently deleted after 14days, counting from the day of page deletion.

Cancel Facebook Page Deletion

Within the 14days deletion period, if you wish to restore your Facebook page you can cancel the deletion process. If you want to cancel the Facebook page deletion, simply;

  • Visit your Facebook page within the 14days period.
  • Go to settings at the top of the page.
  • Click general.
  • Scroll down and talk cancel deletion.
  • Click confirm.

Your page deletion process will be cancelled immediately.

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