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How To Buy Safemoon On Binance or where can I buy Cafemoon – SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency that was recently launched on Binance. This coin has been very popular with its investors after launched in March and rewarded investors with 20,000 %

After hitting a rock bottom in April Safemoon dropped by over 70%  however, investors are still wondering how to buy it?

How To Buy Safemoon On Binance

How do you go about buying SafeMoon Well, the first thing you need to do is create an account on any cryptocurrency platform. But I will recommend Binance as it is one of the secure and safe cryptocurrency platforms.

Safemoon is very high and risky, just like every other cryptocurrency, investing in cryptocurrency is a risk you must be willing to take.

In the article, I will be discussing how to buy Safemoon on Binance cryptocurrency platform.

Is Safemoon A Good Investment?

Just like every cryptocurrency, Safemoon is as risky as it gets. If you buy now there is every possibility that you will lose money due to the way things have been going in the crypto market. But you can still try if you have extra money, for future purposes.

How Do I Get Safemoon On Binance?

Safemoon is not yet listed on finance. Safemoon can’t be purchased directly on Binance you will have to trade another coin for safemoon.

To swipe Safemoon coin on Binance you will have to create account on the exchange

Download Binance App

SafeMoon developers recommend you buying the safe, via any crypto wallet. You can download it on your mobile device from Google app store or app store.

After installing Binance exchange wallet on your mobile device, create a new wallet if you have not used the Binance exchange platform before.

Purchase BNB coin

Since safemoom can’t be purchase directly, we recommend purchasing BNB to swap for safemoon.

Here is how to purchase BNB coin

  • Tap on the BNB coin on the homepage.
  • Select buy
  • Enter the amount you wish to purchase in dollars
  • Provide payment details

You will be asked to verify your identity if you are yet to do that.

Access Pancake Swap Exchange

Pancake swap let’s you trade different cryptocurrencies including Safemoon and BNB.

Follow the instructions below to swap BNB for Binance

  • Enter the amount of Binance coin that you would want to trade
  • Enter safemoon in the search bar, and select it when it pops up
  • Pancake swap will estimate the amount of safemoon you will receive
  • Select swap

Safemoon is a big risk to take, consider the amount of money before deciding to invest.

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