2021 Top Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, TX: Check out for the Best Nursing Schools you can Attend in Dallas Texas

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2021 TOP Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, TX – Everything is getting better in Dallas, Texas, and that includes the availability of work opportunities for nurses in every background. As we all know nursing is a profession within the health care sector that is focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life

Nurses play a distinct role from other healthcare providers as they have a vast scope of practice and approach to medical care. They play a very important role in promoting health, preventing illness, and caring for all individuals, which include those that are disabled or are physically or mentally ill.

2021 Top Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, TX

2021 TOP Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, TX

Base on the record of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average registered nurse in the Dallas environment earns a yearly salary of $76,740 according to the latest report from the Dallas County Community College District, lower-level nurses will see job growth for as much as 20-30%. It is also expected that nurses with advanced practice will be given greater demand with salaries to fit. Some colleges in Dallas offer online courses and rushed formats just to help speed up students to become nurses.

Before you start your nursing, dream, or advance your nursing career, you should first check out here for our accredited program listed below:

  • Entry-level Registered Nursing Programs
  • RN to BSN/MSN Programs
  • Nurse Practitioner and Advanced RN Program
  • Top Ranked Nursing Programs

Entry-Level ADN & BSN Programs in Dallas, TX

Nurses are distinct from other healthcare providers as helping others to help themselves is what nurses do. If you have an interest in teaching others to better care for themselves, I suggest a career in nursing will be a very good idea. In Dallas, Texas, colleges have adjusted their programs just to make it easier for those without a background in nursing to enter the field. The fair Admission policies at Dallas-area schools enable students to enter the nursing profession with a four- or two-year degree.

LVN to RN Programs

Getting knowledge on the job is consistent for most working as Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs). For those that have learned that they will have to do more for their patients, this will interest you to become an RN. Vocational education Institutions like The Chicago School (formerly known as Dallas Nursing Institute) provide an LVN to RN platform that has made most of already earned credits. This allows LVNs in good standing to transition to becoming an RN in a short time.

ADN Programs

The fastest way to becoming a registered nurse is to bag an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN). This is offered at career and community colleges in and around the Dallas metropolis. ADN Programs are both accessible and affordable. https://www.dcccd.edu/cd/credit/nursing/pages/default.aspx, as part of the Dallas County Community College District, also offers a 16-month ADN that absorb lecture, lab, clinical, and hospital rotations. It also educates students for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Direct-Entry BSN Programs

Advance BSN programs, might have an online instructional component, it also enables students to complete their nursing training in a short time than the expected period. Nurses that have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing often are More searched after by top-ranked employers than nurses without BSN. Built on Christian values, Baylor University’s nursing school offers Quick and traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing options. The final option includes liberal arts and natural and behavioral science learnings too.

To get more update on Texas Accelerated BSN Programs visit https://www.registerednursing.org/degree/accelerated-nursing-programs/#accelerated-bsn-tx

Dallas RN Program NCLEX-RN Pass Rates

NCLEX-RN Students Total2,25313,213
NCLEX-RN Students Passed2,05412,027
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate91.2%91.0%

Top Best Ranked Accredited Nursing Programs in Dallas

The list below shows the Top Best Nursing Schools in Dallas based on our RegisteredNursing.org RN program rankings for Texas out of 120 other accredited programs offered in the state:

  • Baylor University -#29
  • Dallas College Brookhaven Campus – #49
  • Mountain View College – #9
  • Texas Christian University – #20
  • University of Texas – Arlington – #44

2021 Top Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, TX

1. Arizona College of Nursing – Dallas (BSN)

2021 Top Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, TX

Contact Address

8330 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy B100 Dallas, TX 75243 (855) 706-8382

2. Baylor University (BSN)

2021 Top Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, TX

Contact Address

333 North Washington Avenue Dallas, TX 75246 (214) 820-3361

3. Chamberlain College of Nursing – Irving (BSN)

2021 Top Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, TX

Contact Address

4800 Regent Blvd Irving, TX 75063 (469) 706-6705

4. Collin College (ADN)

2021 Top Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, TX

Contact Address

2200 W University Dr McKinney, TX 75071 (972) 548-6790

5. Dallas College Brookhaven Campus (ADN)

Dallas College Brookhaven Campus

Contact Address

3939 Valley View Ln Farmers Branch, TX 75244 (972) 860-4700

6. El Centro College (ADN)

2021 Top Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, TX

Contact Address

801 Main St Dallas, TX 75202 (214) 860-2000

7. Mountain View College (ADN)

Mountain View College

Contact Address

4849 W Illinois Ave Dallas, TX 75211 (214) 860-8680

8.Tarrant County College (ADN)

Tarrant County College

Contact Address

245 East Belknap Street Fort Worth, TX 76102 (817) 515-2339

9. Texas Christian University (BSN)

Texas Christian University

Contact Address

Annie Richardson Bass Building 2101, 2800 W Bowie St Fort Worth, TX 76109 (817) 257-7490

10. The Chicago School (ADN, LVN to RN)

Contact Address

12170 Abrams Rd # 200 Dallas, TX 75243 (888) 201-8806 The Chicago School (ADN, LVN to RN)

11. Trinity Valley Community College (ADN)

Contact Address

800 Ed Hall Dr. Kaufman, TX 75142 (972) 932-4309

12. University of Texas Arlington (BSN, MSN) Online

Contact Address

701 S Nedderman Dr. Arlington, TX 76019 (817) 272-2011

13. West Coast University (BSN)

Contact Address

8435 N. Stemmons Freeway Dallas, TX 75247 (214) 453-4533

RN to BSN Program in Dallas, TX

We should all know that advancing your career simply means going back to school. For the already working registered nurses finding time to attend class looks difficult. For this reason, most colleges and universities around Dallas area have designed RN to BSN extension programs so that those working nurses can finish their degree at their convenient.

RN to BSN Programs

It will be of greater advantage for you where you work when you advance your RN to a BSN. A lot of top hospitals in the Dallas, Texas area will prefer a nurse with a Bachelor of Science Degree over RNs. The https://www.uta.edu/conhi/academics/nursing-undergrad/bsn/rn-bsn.php offers both campus-based and online RN to BSN Program options. With your BSN you will be able to accelerate your earnings, paying off your BSN education will be so simple and easy for you.

If you want more information on Texas RN to BSN Programs visit https://www.registerednursing.org/rn-to-bsn/texas/

Featured online RN to BSN Program

Lamar University

Online RN to BSN

This program Accepts Texas Residents

  • Applicants: Accepting AR, LA NM, TX Residents
  • Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)

Texas A&M International University

Online RN to BSN

This program Accepts Texas Residents

Applicants: Accepting TX Residents

Accreditation Commission for education in Nursing (ACEN)

APRN & Nurse Practitioner Program in Dallas, TX

Advanced practice registered Nurses (APRNs) in Dallas are leaders in the field and are tasked with performing higher level, patient–focused roles in healthcare. If you earn RNs who are up for the challenge, begging a master’s of science in Nursing degree, post-graduate certification or doctorate degree can be done in a more suitable format of online and on-ground learning.

MSN Programs

Teaching others becomes the goal of many veteran nurses. by begging their master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) either online or in class, nurses can become classroom instructors or team lads at hospitals. The University of Texas, Arlington outside of Dallas offers more than five specialties, including nursing administration, nurse family practitioner, primary care, education, and more. Some can be offered online

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