Guide: How to Pay with Google on Computer and Mobile App

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Google pay for Android mobile phone is used to make payments for goods bought online from stores or in-app purchase. Google pay has been an ongoing platform made for Android users for some time.

The first Google Pay for Android mobile is used to make payments for purchases made online or in-app. It can be accessed and operated on Android devices only, it is also accepted in situations where google pay is endorsed.

How to pay with Google on computer and mobile app

The second Google pay on iPhone is also a payment app used to send and receive payments with people. These platforms work for free on computers, phones and tablets. Both in iOS and Android devices

Google pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet used to conserve physical cards all in one place on your mobile device. You can store debits cards, credits cards, loyalty cards, coupon gifts cards, also tickets, you just have to input details on your card to the app.

Then you can automatically use your phone to make payments for items bought online from stores that support the google payment service. Now, you won’t have to make transactions from your bank account or even open a shopping account.

This payment is authorized anywhere the google pay icon is displayed. Some places you can access this payment includes the bestbuy, MacDonald’s, Walgreens, whole foods, and many other.

How To Pay With Google On Computer

Here is how to pay with Google on your computer. Using the Google pay platform on a computer is a whole process than when using it on a mobile app. To use Google pay on your computer:

  • Access the google account platform
  •  Sign in to your Gmail.
  • You will have to click on send and request money at the bottom page
  • You can proceed to send it receive money.

How To Pay With Google Mobile Apps

This is also referred to using google pay app.

  • Download and install the Google pay app on iOS or android devices
  • Proceed to sign in
  • Enter your mobile number or email address of the recipient on the Google pay app

Remember to linked your card to your google pay at the link card to proceed with the aforementioned procedure.

How To Link Your Card To Google Pay

Follow the steps below to link your card to Google pay.

  • Access the google pay website from your web browser on your device
  • Sign into your Gmail account or register for one
  • Navigate and click lands credit card
  • Enter your address
  • If the information provided is correct your card will be linked to your google account immediately

You can now send money by just providing the details of the recipient.

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