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Gmail Sign up a New Account – In this content we would be learning how we can create a new Gmail account easily from the comfort of our homes or anywhere we find ourselves using our mobile phone pc.

I’m sure Gmail is no longer a new word to many of us because often time we hear it from people and you want to know what Gmail is all about and how to sign up for Gmail then you just patiently read through this article to learn the procedures of creating or signing up with Gmail.

Gmail Sign up a New Account

Gmail sign up Sign up a New Account.

Gmail is an online service that allow users to send mail to people, it can either be inform of documents, images, messages, invitations and also be used for a better communication … with Gmail be ensured that whatever you send or receive is highly secured confidential

Long before now, Gmail has only been used in sending mails across to people but now it more than what we think it’s used for. Gmail has improved it means of service to people by adding in new features to give a better satisfaction to users where has people can now use Gmail to have a better communication with either family, friends or business clients via video calls, send of emoji’s and photos,

Signing up for Gmail requires a few process or steps to get you signed up, therefore let’s see how we can sign up for an account right away.

How to Create a Gmail Account.

You wish to get a Gmail account for yourself, then follow the steps below carefully.

  • Go to www.gmail.com and click on create account
  • Fill in the details required for your account to be required in the provided space. This information’s are your personal data but be ensured that they are all secured (your First and Last name)
  • Enter a good user name for your account that you can use.
  • Enter a password that you can always remember and ensure it’s a strong password. You will be notified if the password you entered is a strong one or not. You will be required to enter the password again just to confirm it.
  • Enter your phone number to verify your process for security process
  • Enter the code you received from google through your number to complete the account verification
  • Fill in your personal details correctly in the space provided which includes; date of birth, gender, country.
  • Click on next
  • Review the terms and policy of google and after that click ‘I Agree’
  • Your account has been created and ready for use.

Now you see that these are just the required steps to follow to create a Gmail for yourself or anyone.

New Gmail Account Sign in

Tis process can only be achieved when you have created an account for yourself or already have an existing account then you can sign into your account. To sign in into your Gmail account, kindly follow the steps below

  • Go to www.gmail.com
  • At the home page, click on ‘Sign In’
  • Enter your Gmail address and click next
  • Enter your password correctly and click login

Once you are done with this process, your mail would be open to you and you can now access it freely.

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