Facebook Launches Music-Making App Collab

Facebook launches music-making app Collab has been the news on most Facebook user’s lips since May last year since the app was launched. Designed for now to incorporate iOS users, the app known as Collab is used to make and mix music with friends, in order to curb the boredom brought about by the pandemic.

The Collab app is an experimental music-making app for collaborative music videos. As part of Facebook app-focused New Product Experimentation (NPE) team, the app, enables users to create short-term music videos. This it does, by combining up to three independent videos of 15-second timeframe.

Facebook Launches Music-Making App Collab

From the Collab app, the users can either create a Collab, by playing along with someone’s else video or just by swiping on one of the three rows to select videos of your choice to slot into the mix from those available.

After you discover musicians you would love to play along with, you can favorite them in the app, in order to be notified when they post new clips. This will also personalize the main feed.

Currently, Facebook has made several improvements to the app’s audio-syncing capabilities as well as other technical aspects during its Beta testing period since it came on board.

As soon as a Collab is created, you can publish it for others to watch, mix and match further.

Better still, you can share your music creation to Instagram, Facebook stories, as well as on any other social media platform.

How Facebook Music-Making App Collab Work

When you click to open the Facebook Collab app, you’ll be welcomed with a feed of collabs. Each Collab features three 15-second independent video playing in sync. You can easily create your own Collab, by swiping on any row, to bring in a new video clip that sounds good with your composition.

As a user, you can also record your own contribution to any song, or start a brand new Collab to inspire the community. According to Facebook, the Collab automates the complexity of audio and video syncing to enable you easily produce a final composition you love. You do not need to have any musical training or experience in order to use the app. All you have to do is simply swipe to create a new Collab.

According to Facebook, after testing with dozens of headsets and hardware configurations, the experience has been optimized for loads of setups. Thus, users can even use external audio interfaces to bring music from electronic instruments like keyboards, guitars, and drum kits, into their recordings.

Just like the Tik Tok app, Collab seeks to bring together creators and fans to create, watch, and mix and match original videos, starting with music. Facebook has worked closely with beta testers and has brought in new updates to creating, sharing, as well as discovering new collabs.

As regards the availability of the app in India or any other markets outside the U.S., it is still unknown if the app will be available in other markets outside the US.

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