Facebook Collab Music Video App Launched on iOS | Facebook Collab App Download

Facebook Collab music video app launched on iOS, is an experimental music-making app that has just been recently launched on the Apple’s App Store. Launched back in May by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team as an invite-only beta, the app is now available for all iOS users in the US.

Updates have also been made by the team on the app, depending on the inputs from the beta test community.

With Collab, users can create, watch, and mix and match original videos with a focus on music. A Collab features three 15-second independent videos playing in sync. The app has been carefully crafted, to help users make music together, even when they are not physically together.

Facebook Collab Music Video App Launched on iOS

Designed just like the Chinese Tik Tok app, Collab, encompasses an endless scrolling feed of video uploads, that users can browse through, and choose whichever they feel like. Users are also at liberty, to like musicians on the app so that they can get notifications on when a new video is posted. This app, features three different videos split into three tabs, to make one collaborative piece. You are at liberty to either create your own arrangement or pick clips from other users, to make a new arrangement.

Facebook Collab Music Video App Launched on iOS

How Facebook Collab Music Video App Launched on it Works

First, when you open the Collab app, you’ll be presented with an endless scrolling feed of these “collabs”, that you can swipe through to find the one you want to mix. Once you discover musicians you like to play along with, you can favorite them in the app, in order to be notified whenever they post a new clip. This will also personalize the main feed.

Collab automates the complexity of audio and video syncing, to enable users to easily produce a final composition they love. According to the NPE team, no musical training or experience is required to use the app.

To create a collab, you are to swipe on any row, in order to bring in a new video clip which could sound good with your composition.

Users on Collab can sync three videos in landscape mode simultaneously, resulting in a final vertically-oriented video, which can be shared.

According to Facebook, the experience for loads of setups, have been optimized, after testing with dozens of headsets as well as hardware configurations since May, when it was announced. Now, users can use external audio interfaces in bringing music from electronic instruments like keyboards, guitars, and drum kits into their recordings.

All videos posted on Collab, are public to enable anyone to easily pick them up, and add them to their own mix. However, the original artist gets the credit whenever their video clips are used for a new collaborative video. With Collab, users can also share their videos on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, as well as on other social media platforms. Collab videos, that are shared to other platforms, feature the app’s watermark

For now, Collab is available to download for iOS users from the App Store in the United States. Currently, there has been no announcement on when the app will be available internationally.

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