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A Facebook ID can be explained as a numeric special identifier, for example, 1760440900882534, which is connected to a Facebook profile, group, or page and can not be changed. This FB ID can be created once you are making a new Facebook profile, page, or group.

Facebook cannot be called just a social website anymore as it is being used as a messenger also to keep in contact with your friends and families and many more to it. FB ID can also be referred to as the FB login id is a special number assigned to all the users across the globe.

FB ID Finder

This FB ID Finder is an online free technique to find any FB ID for Facebook Profile, pages, or group. To find my Facebook tool does not necessarily require you to login to find your FB Profile ID, Page ID, or Group ID.

Facebook ID

What is only needed for a FB ID finder is to find a FB user ID or page in the URL of a Facebook profile, FB page, or FB Group. You enter the URL in the text field and tap the ‘’get FB ID’’ button, be sure you input the right Facebook URL and not your name.

Enter Facebook Profile, Page Or Group URL

  • Search Facebook URL
  • Search Facebook Page URL
  • Search Facebook Group URL

How To Find My FB ID?

If you want to find your FB ID follow the steps below:

  • Obtain your Facebook profile URL, Facebook page URL, or Facebook Group URL
  • Insert the Facebook URL in the textfield and tap on ‘’Get FB ID’’ button
  • Get hold of your FB ID

If you are finding it difficult to get your FB ID or page ID please you can contact us by sending us a direct message.  

Why Do I Need My FB ID?

It is very important you get your FB ID because there are social Facebook plugins, like Facebook like button and other social applications that need your personal numeric Facebook profile ID, group ID or page ID to recover the right information.

Find my FB ID will make it easy for you to find that FB ID so quickly. With the help of our app, it is very possible to get your FB Account ID, page ID, or FB Group ID from both public and private accounts.

You can have so many reasons that will make you need your FB ID, so we believe this app will assist you in getting the FB ID! Just to make this app work, it is necessary that we have access to your Facebook account. Make sure in your privacy setting, the option ‘’Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile is on YES.

How Do I Find My FB Profile ID?

FB profile ID is a special user ID of a Facebook personal user profile. Each user has a unique personal numeric Facebook Profile ID which is created by Facebook and is used to identify a single user.  

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