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Dating on Facebook group has been introduced, to make it easier for singles who are looking for love to find one. You can now find love through what you like and get help starting meaningful relationships via things you have in common, like interests, events and groups. Now you can look above the dating profile, and have a more authentic look at who the person really is.

You know as much as I do, that finding a romantic partner is deeply personal. This why dating on Facebook group has been initiated. It is safe, inclusive and you can opt-in at any time. You are guaranteed safety, security and privacy when you date from this platform.

Dating on Facebook Group

Facebook dating groups are unofficial groups which have been designed by Facebook users to aid singles in meeting with new people, and finding love. Facebook dating group stands as one of the major means where single men and women, can connect with each other and find love. FB dating group, has been in existence since the creation of Facebook groups. Singles, can meet people on Facebook through the Facebook dating group easily and without paying a dime.

However, before we go ahead and show how to access and date on a Facebook group, let’s first of all take you through the steps of opening a Facebook account, without which you can’t date on a Facebook group.

How to Create a Facebook Account

Here is a quick and simple process, that will help you in creating a Facebook account:

  • From your web browser
  • Go to
  • Key in your name, email address or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender.
  • Tick on the “Sign Up” link
  • To complete the process of creating your account, you’ll have to confirm your email address or mobile phone number.

Now that you have successfully created your Facebook account, you can easily access the Facebook dating group of your choice, to find the one that your heart longs for.

How to Access Facebook Dating Groups

To access Facebook dating group to meet other eligible singles, you’ll have to take these steps:

  • Click open your Facebook mobile app, or visit
  • Sign into your Facebook account
  • From your search bar, on your homepage, type in and search for dating.
  • Above the search results, tap on Groups
  • A list of dating groups will be displayed
  • Decide and click on the group you want to join
  • To join the group, click on the “Join Group” link button at the top of the page.
  • Some groups are closed and you have to request permission to be able to join. Click on the Join Group link for someone to add you to the group.
  • After you have successfully joined, you can join in the conversation. If you notice someone whose comment you like, you can click on his/her photo and check out their profile. If he/she has an open profile, you can get some information about the person. You can view their photo, see what they do for fun, check if you enjoy the same activities. If you like what you see, you can send a friend request and start up a private Facebook conversation.

And just with these few steps, once the admin approves, you’ll become a member.

List of Facebook Dating Groups

If you are looking for a good Facebook dating group to join, we have decided to make your search easier by providing you with a list of some Facebook dating groups that you can join.

  • Relationships and Dating
  • The Dating Divas
  • Relationship, Dating, Marriage, and Divorce
  • Singles Dating Group of America, European, African & Asian
  • American Singles Women & Men Dating Love Relationship Marriage
  • DATING GROUP (American, European, African & Asian)
  • Dating Tips for Men
  • Dating & Relationships Dos and Don’ts
  • Lisa Copeland
  • Mingle2
  • Millionaire Dating Sites
  • Dating for Marriage Love Quotes Dating Relationship Advice Tips for Women

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