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eBay Classified – This is when items are listed on eBay with their prices and buyers contact the seller and they carry out their transaction outside the eBay platform. Those items are always posted on classified Ads.

eBay Classified Ads

Classified Ads give you the ability to list an item through eBay, state a price, and when a buyer contacts you, and together you finalize the transaction outside of the eBay platform. Simple, right?

eBay Classified

Well, while eBay Classifieds no longer exist, users can still create it, which are listings that are searchable from eBay’s homepage. Since eBay currently has over 180 million active users, creating a Classified Ad for your product or service gives it the exposure it needs to sell.

When to Use eBay Classified:

• when your post is just for a specific region

• When you don’t need a shipping option

• When you want to get paid in cash on delivery

Though eBay Classified closed in 2016, however, eBay has introduced a new one.

How to Create eBay Classified Ads.

• Go to the eBay website

• Choose the region you want the ads to appear

• Click sell on the eBay page

• Describe the item you wish to sell

• Select Classified Ads when you get to format

• It will give you 30 days duration Automatically

• Lastly, click list item.

Note: the fees for classified Ads varies with duration, format and the listing of the Items.

Classified Ads Rules

• Unpaid items can’t be opened

• Only information of interested buyers are sent to the sellers.

• eBay account of disrespectful or careless sellers are suspended or buying and selling privileges will be limited.

• Third parties are not included in Classified Ads listing.

There Are Various Categories of Classified Ads Format:

• Information Product

• Travel

• Funeral and Cemetry

• Business and Industry

• General Office

• eBay user tools

• Everything else

• Construction

• Specialty Services

• Website and Businesses for sale.

Advantages of eBay Classified to Other Online Trading Platform

• It is safer to use

• It is easier to use by sellers and buyers

• It is a more convenient way of doing online business with a large number of people.

• It provides better exposure to both sellers and buyers.

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