DHL International Shipping Near Me – Nearest DHL Express Service Point Near You

If you love to try out The DHL express courier service or logistics then you tend to wonder where “DHL international shipping near me” is located.

DHL International Shipping Near Me

About The DHL Express Company

DHL International Shipping Near Me – TheDalsey, Hillblom and Lynnpopularly known as DHL Express International GmbH is an American-founded German company that is now ranking as the international 

  • Courier
  • Parcel
  • Mail express division

Of the German Deutsche Post DHL logistics company. The Deutsche Post DHL popularly called is the known to be the world’s largest logistics sea and air Mail Company widely known amongst other rendered services.

What Is DHL Express Delivery Duration?

DHL express courier service or logistics deliver parcels round the world from Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

NOTE: The exact time for DHL express parcel delivery may differ in time and this likewise dependent on the following;

  • Parcel Size
  • The parcel delivery address.

This is to let you know that DHL FAST delivers your DHL parcel in 1 to 5 business days of its sending or dispatch to any valid tendered shipping destination, located at anywhere in the world.

How To Locate The Nearest DHL Express Service Point Near You

Knowing the nearest DHL express service point near you really helps as you can decide to want to pay them a visit to lodge complaints or receive your shipped items in situations when you are uncertain about your shipment destination address 

  • Log on to on your mobile or desktop web browser
  • On the displayed page, click to view the “Select location” drop down menu
  • Pick your location or region
  • Then click on the “GO” button


An average courier service known to most people would arrive between 2-4 days and same goes with the courier service rendered by DHL express. So for destinations around the world, or major shipments between Europe, you can be rest assured that your parcel shipping time is likely to be very accurate and your DHL express parcels should arrive in 2 days.

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