Christmas songs Tagalong – Tagalog Christmas Songs List 2021

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Christmas songs Tagalong – It’s already September and we could already hear these songs playing on a loop in stores, our houses, and even our heads. They may not be Jose Mari chan’s Christmas in put heart, but they provide the feeling and they nail right back of nostalgia and Christmas cheers. Here are some Christmas songs that already have us catching the vibe, singing, and counting down to December 25th

Christmas songs tagalong.

Christmas songs Tagalong

Ang pasko at sumapit

Talk about timelessness, this song is definitely it! One of the favorites among carolers. It was originally written in cebuano by Mariano vestil, music by vicente rubi. Nationka artist levi celeriac later wrote the tagalong version of the song.

Pasko Na sinta ko

This song captures a sad and lonely Christmas. Originally sung by Valenciano.

Pasko Na Naman

It’s Christmas an amazing time and a day of celebration feel free to belt this Levi celerio and feline De Leon classic at the top of your lungs.


Half the fun of singing or attempting to sing is trying to get past the twisting lyrics. There is no shame in getting the syllabus all wrong, it’s Christmas so sing it loud and proud.

Himig Ng pasko

So many covers and interpretations of this Christmas songs tagalong may pop up every now and then, but it original rendition keeps us humming when we stop by the store

Ran a Nganyong Pasko

This sing has been revived far and wide from Sarah Geronimo to her Mandela, but the ariel Rivera version tugs heartstrings.

Noche Buena

This alone brings out the Christmas spirits. Just hearing this Christmas song tagalong is enough get us all hyped up for the Christmas celebration

Sa maybahay ang Aming bati

This Christmas songs tagalong is the perfect caroling opener before launching into the usual favorites, it is sometimes called Namamasko.

12 days of pivot krismas

The English version of this song is more memorable, we all have a soft spot for apo hiking society rendition, mostly because their modified lyrics are relatable and define what a Pinoy Christmas is.

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