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Allston Christmas 2021 – Allston Christmas is September 1st in Boston Massachusetts, USA. Households’ tenet is bracing themselves for Sept 1st.

Every year in Boston hundreds of colleges students and other tenets move on this day. With the headaches that accompany moving with the highest volume lease turnover in the city for the eagle-eyed renters, 1st September is also the perfect time for people to stock up on secondhand Household equipment in the Allston Christmas rush.

Allston Christmas 2021

Over forty-one percent of students attending Boston universities live off-campus, Allston Christmas is the nickname for the day that Boston Massachusetts students move into their new apartment, leaving behind furniture and décor curbside in the city.

The most popular inhabitant neighborhood for students is Fenway Kenmore with over 5,725 students and Longwood/mission hill with 5,009 and Allson has 4,764 these neighborhoods are often filled with moving trucks and with people looking to turn someone’s trash into treasure for their own apartment.

It’s beginning to look like Allston Christmas, there are various unwanted pieces of furniture and other items are left on the street by Boston students who are moving in and out of their apartments.

Present and lurking around, returning colleges students are taking extra precautions with the COVID19 pandemic still.

One of the students said furnished moat his living room swiping items off the sidewalk, including a couch and a TV, he also stated that the rain forced them to move fast so their treasures would not be soaking wet once they brought them into a new apartment and sanitizing them due to covid19. “we wear a mask we clean stuff up a lot more up before we put it inside” he stated. Some student finds out that their apartment had already been trashed.

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