Breaking: Facebook Bans Donald Trump Again

The eviction of Donald Trump’s presence from the most populated spaces on the social media platform it has ignited a debt all around the world. Everybody is talking about free speech, censorship, and the privileges, of the world leaders online (and if they should have any).

While Trump no longer has his own Facebook page, he momentarily got back to the stage through that of another person.

Facebook Bans Donald Trump Again

Facebook Removes Video Interviews Featuring Trump

After appearing in a video interview with his daughter-in-law, Fox News commentator Lara Trump. The social media platform kicked out former US President Donald Trump of the platform a second time. After the video was withdrawn from the social media platform.

Lara published screenshots of mails from Facebook personnel on her page. In a caption, she referenced the George Orwell’s dystopian science fiction novel called “1984” which is majorly about a totalitarian regime that shuts off modes of communication that aren’t authorized by the government.

Greetings people, we are contacting you to let you that we eliminated content from Lara Trump’s Facebook Page that featured President Trump talking. In line with the blocked we put on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, further substance posted in the voice of Donald Trump will be taken out and bring about extra impediments on the records.

Donald Trump was dismissed from the social media platform, after posting content that allegedly encouraged the storming of Capitol Hill in January. Facebook is yet to release an official statement as to whether this ban is permanent, however, the former president plans on returning to social media via his own platform.

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