Birthday Prayer For Myself 2022 – List of Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayer For Myself 2022 – On a very pleasant note, you’d agree with me that your birthday is one of your best days or most special days in your life. At the turn of a new chapter or phase, you tend to wish for better things, bigger goals, and greater opportunities for this new stage.

Well now that a new year has emerged and a time to move to another level in your life is gradually setting in, you could be wondering and thinking of “the birthday prayer for myself in 2022.”

Birthday Prayer For Myself 2022

If you’re in this position right now, you need to calm down, we have a long list of birthday prayers for myself 2022, you wouldn’t regret praying over yourself.

Prayer is an earnest request you make to God, in order to gain a heart desire or desires granted. Having to pray on your birthday is not exclusive, because you would likely need extra grace to go through the difficult puzzles that life brings.

Most of the time, our birthdays bring a recap of our lives back into our minds. We think about the things we have done, the mistakes made, lessons learned, challenges we had encountered, and the wins we have made.

So we get to reflect and decide that a new age is one of the many chances God had always given us to make lots of corrections, success, achievements, and impacts. With this list of birthday prayers for myself 2022, you would be able to reactivate a strong impulse of a greater height this year.

Are Birthday Prayers For Myself 2022 Different from Other Prayers

The birthday prayers we have listed for you this season is not different from other prayers you pray on previous birthdays or on daily basis, yet these prayers you offer on your birthdays are special. It’s a kind of a renewal of God’s love, grace, Favour, mercy, and blessings for a new phase.

How Effective are Birthday Prayer For Myself 2022

Birthday prayers for yourself are very effective, from the saying that there is power in our tongues, I can tell you confidently, that speaking positive things into your life through prayer, on your special day have an amazing effect on your life.

List of Birthday Prayer For Myself 2022

Below is a compilation of birthday prayers we believe you would like, as you celebrate your special day this year.

  1. On the best day of my life, I want to go through it giving God all the thanks for all he has done for me and as well ask for a continual blessing this year.
  2. The journey of life for me so far has been remarkably amazing, I am so grateful to God. Happy birthday to me!
  3. Happy birthday to me! I wish myself more of God’s grace and mercy, with much more accomplishment in this latest phase.
  4. I thank God for all the wonderful things and people he added into my space, today I pray for more of his daily blessings. I wish myself a happy birthday.
  5. I would be so ungrateful if I ask for more without a thank you for the many things God has done for me. Thank you great God for blessings beyond measure and addition of a new age. Happy birthday to myself and I!
  6. As I turn a year older I pray for more of God’s blessings, mercy, peace, grace and love. Happy wonderful birthday to me.
  7. God has truly done a lot for me than words can ever mutter. The joy within the depth of my heart is just so amazing, plus I will always be grateful. Today I wish myself a happy birthday.
  8. Having to go through life’s journey with God’s love, grace and blessings makes me one of the happiest persons on earth. Having the gift of life is one of the best I know so far. I pray God makes me a wonderful and better person as the days go by. Happy super birthday to me!
  9. I feel really blessed beyond reasonable doubts to behold this beautiful day. It’s my birthday today, and my joy knows no bounds. Happy birthday to me!
  10. Marking my natal anniversary makes me feel special and blessed today. God has uplifted and led me to many points I could never imagine I’d get to, I can’t be less grateful. Today I pray for more love, peace, blessings and wisdom. Happy birthday to me!

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